Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lost Silence

"Rafael,  I have a doubt,  how would we know, that our soul is directing us? Actually,  its so weird, because,  we have not seen a soul and it is something very difficult to imagine too. Like we are dealing with nothingness. So could you please explain in detail?"

"Good question,  Mathew.  The first thing you should learn is to be silent,  clear your mind of all thoughts. In short, you should have nothing to  be worried or plans to fulfill,  just live, whatever comes your way, accept it, that is when we know,  that our soul is directing us and not our physical person of Rafael or Mark or Raj, or Ajay,  or Monica or Rebecca or whoever you are. And don't waste time, thinking that you are capable of doing it smartly,  you would surely end up in the gutter." All nodded.

"Then one more thing, you would have seek the help of a bigger power  to guide you through this situation of bringing out the soul to work for you." All nodded.

"So first thing first, take a deep breath and start practicing silence and take it slowly from there. It really makes a lot of difference. Will you practice it?"

"I really would Rafael,  I do not want myself falling into the ditch."

"Yes Rafael,  we would surely start with immediate effect. "

"Good, so let me know if you need any help,  hmmmm? "

"Sure Rafael,  we'll take up on that. "

"Good, so now we conclude." All nodded.

See you tomorrow, until then take care,  bye.


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