Thursday, May 30, 2013

Man is like a Tree

Man is created like a tree.

Rafael,  are you kidding?

No, its a fact, but the only difference is, the tree should be upside down, to become a man.

But that's weird Rafael,  how can that be possible?

Well, take our hair, it looks like the root of the tree, our hands and legs, looks like the,


Yes, Branches

And what looks like leaves?

Well physically nothing because itsthe power house of the tree, which becomes our internal organs, but still we have the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, etc systems. The best thing Ifelt awed was, there are two main outlets and inlets, one is the leaves, that would come to the whole tree above the ground and the other part is the root,  which completely lies under the ground which cannot be seen and our body too has the same system, the eyes, ears, nose, skin, mouth, etc are a sort of both outlet and inlet, which can be seen, while the outlet and inlet of our internal organs are inside the body, which cannot be seen.

But Rafael,  why are you saying all these?

Because,  to prove light is an essential part of life.

But why should we need light?

As I told you earlier, the nature is a book for us to learn and trees or plants do not survive without sunlight, because the creator planned it to show man that without the light from god, you would mever bloom to the full potential. So start being spiritual, be aware that, There is a living God, shining over us day and night to give  whatever we ask for, the only thing is  ask and just because you have not seen god, doesn't  give the licence to think that god is an imaginary character. Never,  ever think as such because, God is very much a living God.  So best of luck to make a partnership with God. See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care



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