Monday, May 13, 2013

The Genuine Religion

"Rafael, there is one issue, I cannot understand."

"What is it Ajay?"

"Sorry, don't misunderstand, but you have been speaking of church, mosque and temple to help us reach our destination, but we all believe there is only one God, then there should be only one religion to reach the goal, so which is it, Rafael?"

"So now you started thinking, good. All religions are true, they lead us to one goal, but whatever the religion, there is one thing, you should know, that decides the genuineness of a religion."

"Really, what is it Rafael?"

" Religion which teaches the importance of love, lives love, sacrifice out of love and breathes love, where hatred is conquered by love, where the goal to reach is achieved only through love. Then that religion is a true religion."

"Are you so sure Rafael? How do you know, this is the right religion?"

"because, the religion of the soul is love. So if you have to reach God or unite with the God soul, then, don't worry, you will have to go through love. Its not an easy path, children.It can be a real nightmare, but be sure, without the religion of love, even if you pray and fast and make rectification, its useless and a waste of time."ll nodded. "So if you believe that your religion teaches love, then don't go running around in search of true religion because you would be running around without end." All nodded.

"And I want to pass you a secret too, your physical being would fight nail and tooth not to allow you to reach God soul. And fighting in the name of religion is one cause, but you know, we all have one religion - the religion of love, let it control you and nothing else, OK?" All nodded.

"We'll meet tomorrow?" All nodded.

Until then take care bye.


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