Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Best Technique to Revenge Your Worst Enemy

"Rafael,   I have still a doubt."

"O.k.,  what is it Ajay? "

"You were speaking of our enemies, as route pointers in the maze of life. But our enemies did a wrong to us, not right, so how can we justify their action? And help us in gettimg us to the destination, Rafael? "

"Hmmmm good question,  I'll say about a real life incident." All nodded.

"There is an incident in the Bible,  where Judas betraying Jesus."

"Yes Rafael,  I really hate that part." All nodded.

"Hmmmm it's natural. Do you know,  why Jesus came to this world? "

"To save mankind. "

"Exactly,  for that Jesus had to remove His physical body to unite with God soul.  No one in hos right sense would do that, even the kings too were afraid,  but Judas lit the first fire and the chain reaction started,  you know the rest, Jesus died, a very humiliating death but that ends when we throw the body in the tomb or cremated."

"Do you mean to say, that these humiliation happens only to the physical body?"

"Yes Mark, to the physical body where you have beauty,  brains, position,  name, fame, family,  etc... but in the spiritual sense, the humiliated person gets a chance to free the soul from the maze of the above said bonds. So without a battering on these bonds, we cannot allow our soul to help us guide us through the maze. O.K. now back to Jesus, he died and on the third day, He resurrected." So if we had to see, the second life of Jesus,  the life where there is no sorrow, or pain,  or betrayal, then we have to gain the physical death, which means, not dying in the real sense. It is like, when everyone, humiliates us, when there is no one to help, when we have lost hope, that is a sort of death,  at that time,  soul comes out of the barrier of name, fame, money, status, etc, which we call ego, then we start living our resurrected life where there is no one to hurt you or hate you or betray you, a life of peace and happiness."

"And what about Judas Rafael?  He just hanged himself and, the story ends.  In fact, he left unhurt,  when Jesus was so so so much humiliated."

"No Rebecca,  he hanged because,  Jesus forgave him. No evil can bear itself in front of love, the human being part of Judas felt ashamed of his action and the soul in him highlighted the love of Jesus. So that he change his way of behaviour, but instead of saying sorry and be a good person, he killed himself. So in real life, who got the name and fame? Jesus or Judas?"

"Jesus, naturally. "

"Yes and Judas became a route pointer in the life of Jesus, and Judas became a wretched being, not only for Jesus, but for the whole mankind, past, present and future. "

"Ohhhh what a wasted existence, isn't it Rafael? " All nodded.

"Yes it is and that type of end is what awaits to those people who hurt you."

"Ohhhh but that's worse than the revenge we think for them."

"Yes it is, so don't bother about revenge, have faith in your soul, accept the pointers, thank them, forgive them and move forward, everything would end fine. What do you think Ajay, have I cleared your doubt?"

"Very clearly, thank you, Rafael. "

"Good,  it's time to leave. We will meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then,  take care.



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