Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suicide? No.....

"Rafael,  yesterday you spoke about never wish for death.  But some people have already committed suicide, what will happen to them?"

"Hmmmm.... that' a good question. But a very sad issue too." All nodded.

"Yesterday I met a father whose son committed suicide last year."

"Ohhhh that's terrible. Do you know why he killed himself?"

"He loved a girl, but his father declined to accept her into the family and the very night, he roped himself on the fan and was successful in dangling himself dead in his own bedroom able to make the statement loud and clear but the sad part  is, the said girl didn't wait to grieve."
"Ohhhh what a loss."

"Hmmmm true, loss for the boy and his family. But the consequences of this action has to be faced mostly by the boy."

"But Rafael,  the boy is already dead, then how is he going to bear the consequences?"
"There is no death for the soul of a human being,  only the physical body has death but the soul is deathless and it has to unite with God soul, for that you should gain perfection as that of God soul."

"But that's too difficult Rafael,  don't you think?"

"Very much true, but we are perfected by little little acts, like helping your parents, grandparents or siblings, not hurting them, doing your home work on time, being obedient, being truthful, etc... and it takes several lifetimes to make ourselves perfect and if you have done any mistakes we'll have to clear that debt too. And as you pointed Rebecca,  if the person  commits suicide, he would carry forward all the hurts of his loved ones  and if we destroy anything that has been given to us, what is the consequence children?"

"We'll have ro replace it with a new one."

"Exactly, he has to live the same life once again with extra wretchedness because he would get the worst  parents and circumstances, to make a living hell. So better think before you commit suicide. If I can a put word, don't ever think to take your life, it would aggravate your life."

"Rafael, what happened to the girl?"

"She married another boy and is living happily."

"What a joke.." All went silent. "

"Now cheer up children,  I know you would not do any mistake of that sort. So buck up.  Come we'll have some tea before saying bye." All nodded and got up.

Until then take care.



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