Friday, May 31, 2013

Steadfast Commitment of the Tree

Rafael, why is it that we are like trees?

Nature, is our users manual, which shows how we should live, and the tree is the pictorial representation or we can say real life representation, now we learned, the importance of sun for the survival of plants and be sure, that the plant have no choice, because its a necessity, without sun, it will not live.

We too have a necessity, a necessity for survival, not by food or water, but by our inner light, without that we would be lost.

Now the next quality of tree, which is very important for its survival is, steadfast commitment to the soil.

What does that mean Rafael?

First and foremost, it stays true to the soil whicg gave place for its survival and even after death, it would hold steadily the soil together and give the very last of its very being to its creator, the soil, which means, we should have a commitment to our creator, that too an unwavering commitment.

We are not the owners of our being, it has to return back to the creator. So be pure, as we are accountable for maligning our being. That is what steadfast commitment means.

Thank you rafael.

See you tomorrow,

Until then, take care



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