Friday, May 3, 2013

Six Tips To Easy Living

"Rafael,  you spoke about some qualities, we'll have to develop from very young, one is never betray your friends. "All nodded.  what are the rest?"

"Hmmm... good question Rebecca,  I'll put it directly point by point, then we'll discuss it later,  is it O.K?"

"Yes Rafael. "

"Good, so here we start.

● Be truthful :- "If you ask, why it is so important, then there is only one answer,  if you havea habit of lying, then quit Iit, or else no one would believe you. Faith os the foundation of all relationship." All nodded.

● Obey elders:- They were once our age, at that time, what we are thinking now, has already been done by them and they have already borne the consequences. If its good, then they would not interfere or else, bear in mind, they would not sit still, until we obey them or else, we would face the same consequences. At that time, they would surely say, 'I told you' So why waste on experimenting experiences when there are people who could give us first hand, line by line details of the action result? In life there are lots of other things to experiment, so channelize your energy for good purpose.

● Switch off the television, when visitors arrive and try to talk with them:- Its basic manners, they too love to watch movies sitting at home, but they have come to your place for some purpose, so have the decency and patience to sit with them and hear them. They would respect us for that.

● Don't deny a chance to help others:- Helping is not just wiyh money, a kind word, a hand to lean on, a glas of water, etc. ?. Small acts of kindness, is what makes the relationships steonger. So try to take care of small small helps." All nodded.

● Think three times before you give a word. If you've given a word, then you should keep it:- Promises are made to be kept and not to be broken. There is no criteria for whom, whether, it is for young or old, parent or teacher, younger brother or older sister, the promise is the same, your word to do something for the other. So try not to give a promise or else you shoukd fulfill it with your life."

● Always have the patience to hear the advice and experience of parents, teachers and grand parents, they only wish goodness for you:- This is the most boring part of life, advice,  when a child starts to think, there are hordes of people to advice.  Since, its mostly don'ts of the best things of life, it would always be irritating, but do hear them, at least, they will have the peace of mind, thinking at least, we heard them and to follow it  is solely our choice. At least, you would have several options, when you have to decide on your own." All nodded.

"I think, this is enough for today. We'll meet tomorrow. " All nodded.

Until then take care, bye


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