Saturday, May 4, 2013

Six Things You Should Never Do In Life

"Rafael,  what are the things which we should not do in life?"

"Hmmmm there are loads of things, which you should not do.  We'll make it six?" All nodded.

"That would be helpful, thank you Rafael."

"Good the six things are:-

1  Never ever speak untruth. If they come to know the truth, you'd lose your credibility. No one would ever believe you.

2 Never expect everybody to love you and accept you. Its not because of their fault, its because of our fault, our shortcomings hinders them to love us. So try to find your fault , accept it and overcome it.

3 Its not always necessary to say yes, when someone asks help, if you say yes, do it. But if you think, that you would not be able to do it, then be courageous to say no.

4 Try not to be a nuisance to others by your words and actions, or else before long, you will not have any friends, to be frank, they would run, when they see you. So beware.

5 Never waste anything, there are lots of people who are eating in their dreams.

6 Never hate anybody, its too drastic a measure to another person, who knows, how long they would live or we would live. So don't give a reason for regret the whole life.

"Ohhhh thank you Rafael,  we'll remember this. "

"Good I think its time to say bye. " All nodded.

Until tomorrow, take care,  bye


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