Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seven Tips To Have a Great Profession

"Rafael, which is the best job, which has more scope now-a-days? One of my cousins is sure what he wants, but his parents are knocking all doors and windows, to know the scope of each job."

"But that's bad on your cousin Mark, why can't the parents understand, what he likes?"

"Children, don't criticize your parents, they think only of your future, after 10 years, they should ensure, their children, would be able to sustain themselves and not have to extend their hand for help. Now you feel unfair because, they study the pros and cons of this decision. But if they do not check it now, then you would feel the unfairness after 10 years, so which is best?"

"Now is better."

"Good, but you can give them the confidence of your choice."

"Really!!!! How?"

"Remember, the perfection of the job, is what bring success to the profession, even if you are a sweeper, no matter, how many people move around the place, if you can keep it clean, the whole time, then I'd say you would always be a winner."

"Do you mean to say, that we can follow our heart?"

"Yes you can but, you should have some qualities, to bring success to the profession you select."

"Great, list it out, we are all ears."

"First and foremost

  1. the will to work hard
  2. You should be dedicated to your work
  3. It should be of service to your fellow being
  4. Have an aim, what you are planning to achieve through this job and the last and the most important thing is
  5. Love your job." All nodded.

"After some years, you would start thinking, how boring, I have been doing this same thing for the past 10 years, it doesn't give me the kick, that I had when I first started the job."

"Oooooh...Would it really happen Rafael? I really cannot imagine like that."

"Well that is where 

6. innovativeness becomes importance"

"But Rafael, how does it take of boredom from work?"

"If your mother cooks different types of food, what would be your attitude?"

"We wait in anticipation, to open our tiffin box or to come home in the evening."

"Exactly, change always will keep us on toes, thinking different ways and means to make your job not only interesting but also fruitful to others in the long run. So for that try to develop a habit to start thinking differently and that would naturally become a second nature to you by the time you reach your first job. I think,  you should take your mothers as your role models, because she is an expert who can bring both a smile and a surprise for you on a daily basis." All smiled.

"Yes Rafael, you are right, we would surely follow it, its true, she is a master in it and that too in a kitchen, a small room, the whole of her life, its incredible isn't it?"

"That's because, she is not expecting any thank you from you guys, the smile and the surprise, is what makes her day more special than any awards. She loves you guys. Respect her, never hurt her, OK?" All nodded.

7. Never Expect back patting for every good act or best work of your life, just give the best shot and that is what brings contentment, back slapping stays for only a few moments, after that its a void there. So don't expect awards and appreciation at every turn of your job,  do your work properly, with a difference and with your whole presence. Then I'd say, you could win in life hands down.

This about sums up the attitude you should have or cultivate, if you want to follow a profession of your liking. If you are able to follow it fame, name and money would come in search of you because you have given scope for that job. So give your best shot children. All nodded.

"I think its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until tomorrow, take care, bye.


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