Friday, May 17, 2013

Rather Sweat Blood, than....

"Children,  the only rule in the religion of love is,  'Love thy Neighbours as thy Self'.

"Rafael, I just wanted to ask a question"

"Fire away Raj."

" You said the life of Jesus was role model for us, how to overcome our different life situation, which life situation which Jesus overcame touched you most, Rafael?"

"Good question Mark,  the act that touched me is, 'sweating blood'.

"Ouch,  that's indeed a touching situation. Its true Rafael.  But,  why did you get attracted to that specific situation? "

"Once when I was young,  one of my rivals, poured ink on my home work,  I felt so angry,  that I really felt like smashing his face,  but I knew it was wrong and it would lead to more enemity. So I tried to control my fury,  by clenching my hands to fists,  grinding my teeth,  so that I don't utter a single word, which I would regret later and shut my eyes and took a deep breath,  at that time, I felt I would really sweat blood, that much control I had to exert on myself, then I knew,  how Jesus might have felt to do the right, He is complete God but still the physical body can really make us do the worst. Jesus overcame it with prayer,  and by talking to God directly. And in this age and day, we really sweat blood a lot,  but don't chicken out in between because,  you are in the right path. Now-a-days all are very angry, all have reason for it too. Whatever the reason,  just know that for getting greater glory we will have to overcome several Judas in our life and several blood sweating would have to take place. That is what Jesus is teaching,  its not for christians alone for whole of humanity. All religions have only one goal - Lead us to God.  So don't underrate any religion." All nodded.

"But I learnt so much from the life of Jesus, that I am too attached to Him. So before concluding, just remember, better sweat blood than fall prey to hatred, anger and enemity because it is your decision in the end that matters.  Would you be able to do that?"

"We will surely try, Rafael,  but thank you for explaining to us."

"Good,  so we'll meet tomorrow. " all nodded.

Until then,  take care,  bye


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