Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Homing Device

"Rafael, today I happened to hear a sermon on television, it was about God naturally, but what got my attention was, the priest spoke, 'People search God,  when they have no hope of survival,  when he is in the deepest of gorges.' But,  I don't understand how does man know where to go, when he himself has not seen God? "

"Great question Rebecca,  what does birds do, when the sun starts to set?"

"Return to the nest, naturally."

"Yes you're right, but how would they know where the nest is, when there are so many trees of the same type and so , many nests?"

"Well, I don't know."

"Yes, its complicated to answer. But one thing we know for sure, that it surely reaches and stays in its own nest, that means, it has a homing device inbuilt in it. Now for babies, they immediately recognize its mother, in a maze of other faces, how?"

"The same homing device. "

"Yes, Just like that, even if we have not seen God or be with God or even if it feels absurd to pray to an unseen God,  we would naturally reach His abode, because our home or we feel peace omly when we are with God. when we  really are in trouble, genuinely need his help and it would surely be answered because at that time, our heart is bleeding and the tears that come from a weeping heart would never be denied and at that time our belief is the strongest, we believe completely and without doubt, that God is there and He would surely help us without doubt, that is sufficient for miracles to happen. "

"That's superb Rafael,  its like heart meeting heart, isn't it?"

"Well, better say soul meeting soul, yes it is, there is no need for any extra classes or special coaching for that meeting point or the meeting person, we reach there because we have a homing device and that is what we call our homing person our soul mate.

Thanks Rafael."

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, bye.


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