Thursday, May 2, 2013

Never Betray Your friends

"Rafael,  today something special happened."

"What is it Monica? "

"My parents bought me several new dresses. Do you know, ita been two years since I have got a new dress."

"Why, didn't they have any money?"

"No guys, I had a veey heart breaking experience two years back. Two new students came to my class. They were from different homes, their names were Leela and Laila. They were not normal students, they learned and during their free time, they helped in the kitchen and did all odd jobs  of the convent."

"So they were always there. In our school we have to wear colour dress on Friday.  We always loved that day." All nodded and smiled.

"So usually in the girls circle  we notice one another's dress. The first friday all went well, everyone wore stylish dresses, Leela and Laila wore according to their capacity.  The next Friday, all wore another set of dresses."

"Naturally." All nodded and smiled.

"But the third Friday both Leela and Laila wore the same dress and the next Friday the other one was repeated after sometime my circle of friends came to the conclusion that our two class mates had only two sets of dresses.  Since, they mingled with us, we started feeling awkward to wear good dresses,  so we decided to quit wearing new dresses and we followed their example, so that both our friends wouldn't feel bad about their dresses.  But what hurt was when they started wearing torn dress."

"Oh!!!! How sad." All nodded.

"Yes,  it was heart breaking. Then we friends decided to pool all our pocket money and buy some materials and had a very good tailor who was friendly with these girls and we requested her to stitch exactly the fashion they wore. Since she had their measurements, it was easy for us."

"Oh that's simply superb." All nodded.

"Yes, but we had a small problem."

"What was that? "

"We cannot gift anybody, unless there is a special occasion. "

"Oh!!!! How did you people manage to give?"

"Well, one of our friend's birthday arrived and she gave it as a gift for her birthday and both were crying. And the questioning from our headmistress followed and that friend owned up all responsibility, saying, she wished to remember her thirteenth birthday, as it  it was special for her."

"So only that friend got the credit."
"To be frank, she was fired. The headmistress warned her not to act too smart. So she apologized and told, "Maam, I'll not repeat it."

"Wow, that's simply a good  a commendable behaviour, isn't it Rafael? "

"Yes, Ajay, there are some qualities, which we have to develop from childhood."

"What is it, Rafael? "

"Never betray your friends, no matter, whatever consequences you will have to face." All nodded.

"Good, then what happened Monica,  please continue?"

"Yes Rafael.  The two girls left that very year, as it was very difficult for them to keep up with the syllabus, leaving behind a deep imprint in our hearts, that dresses should be worn for our comfort and not to waste money by buying lots and run behind fashion. I know its easy to preach, but I learned  the hard way. So it would not be easy to throw this attitude for sometime, that's why, I didn't need any dresses for sometime."

"That's a good advice Monica.  It was good to know, that something life altering happened to you and your friends in such a young age. Good keep it up and try to live a fruitful life." All nodded.

O.K. then, , we'll meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then take care.  Bye.


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