Monday, May 6, 2013

Leave Your Life In Safe Hands

"Rafael,  you told to give full reign to the soul and the soul will direct you out of this unending situation. " Rafael nodded.  "But why cannot we direct our own life,  we have intelligence, knowledge and we have elders to help us when we are in the wrong." All nodded.

"Hmmmm,  that is a good thought Mark, can I ask a question? "

" Sure no problem."

"Till how many years can you see your future children? "

"Are you kidding,  Rafael,? We do not know what is going to happen the next moment,  then how are we going to predict our future? "

"You are right, Raj, even I too am in the same situation,  so no problem, but our soul knows till the very end."

"Wow really?  That's cool isn't it Rafael? " All nodded. Rafael smiled.

"Yes it's cool, don't you guys want to know,  how the soul knows our future? "

"Yes Rafael,  that would be great. "

"Our soul is a drop from the ocean of God soul.  It knows everything, from the beginning till the end, that's why I told,  allow the soul to guide your life and you'll never have to regret it." All nodded.

" Now how would we give our soul full reign of our life Rafael? "

Its simple, we'll discuss that tomorrow with a story." All nodded.

Good,  so we say bye and meet tomorrow? All nodded.

Until then, Bye,  take care.


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