Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is Holy Spirit God?

"Rafael, is the spirit of God,  God himself? "

"OK, can I ask another one to answer your question. " all nodded.

"Can you name  your body parts?"

"Yes Rafael,  we can."

"Good,  now can you name your driving force, your thoughts, your will. Have you seen it?" all nodded in the negative.

"Good,  even I too have not seen it." All smiled and nodded.

"Rafael,  is it our soul?"

" No, soul is our real self, but the spirit is the driving force of all human being,  For God,  He is completely soul, there is no physical body, which means, the spiritof him is so pure, that whatever, we see and don't see around was created by God 's Holy Spirit and that gives continuity is the holy spirit.  But for man, its totally a different cup of fish."

"What does that mean Rafael? "

"It means that because of our physical body, our spirit lost its driving force, the power of will,  all take second place."making us lowly being.  So in order to go higher order of our being we seek the help of Holy Spirit, to guide us in everything and boosting our driving force, in short, the Holy Spirit is completely the power of God, so what does that mean?"

"If it is the power of God, then it would naturally be God himself,  Rafael. How can God work without his power? "All nodded.

"Exactly,  So Holy Spirit is God Himself." All nodded.

"It is this spirit,  that makes us human, with all the qualities which makes us unique, special, persistent and a will to reach above. So be aware of it, respect it and value'd never regret it because it'd respond to your needs at the right time, at the right place and if you humiliate it be sure your life has been screwed. " all nodded.

"I think, it's time to say bye." All nodded.

Until tomorrow, take care



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