Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I believe

"Rafael, you explained in great detail about genuine religion, in which religion do you believe, if you do not mind me asking?"

"Not at all, but you should know, its my belief OK and don't misunderstand, that I am saying for others, its from my experience and not one fine day experience." All nodded.

"Religion should be followed with heart and if that is the case, then, the religion should have the qualities to touch deep inside, which  means, it should be heart touching, a religion of love and for me, I believe in Christianity. I blieve in Jesus Christ. Here I am saying my belief, not anybody else's OK? " All nodded.

"What made it so special for you? Why do you believe? or what made you believe in Jesus Christ?" Rafael shrugged.

"Its simple children, from first to last of the Bible, the scriptures of Christians its about love,  God's unconditional love, the proof of the creation from nothing is the first incident and from there it starts, the saga of  God  giving to man without any thought or shyness abundant graces. Man making mistakes one after other and God forgiving them for their mistakes and in the end, God  came down and lived on this Earth, as man, like you and me and He showed how we should behave, what we should do when we have problems in our lives or needs in our lives and how we should live daily by His very life."

"But Rafael, its Jesus who came and not God."

"You are right  Rebecca, but God, just like He created Man and Woman, He created Jesus, but with his very soul, with His very  Spirit, what does that mean? "

"Jesus is God Himself? "

"Exactly,  and not only that,  He was born just like we were born. "

"Ohhhh now I understand, why Jesus was called complete Man and complete God. In short there is no difference, between God and Jesus?"

" I Wouldn't say that Monica."

"But Rafael,  you itself told me that God Created Jesus from His very soul, then how come, they do not have any diffeference."

"Its a long lecture, we_'ll meet tommorow?" All nodded.

Until then,  take care, bye.



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