Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Can You Hate Your Enemies?

"Rafael, When we have such a drastic experience in life,  how Will we be able to forgive and forget such an experience and the people who were the cause of such experience? I do not know whether I'd be able to forgive anybody who were the cause of my misery. "

"Yes Monica,  its difficult,  but imagine you are in a maze will you be able to get out easily?

"No Rafael,  its not easy."

"Yes its true, but if we have pointers to direct us, then how would you feel children? "


"Yes relief, and in real life, the people who hurt you, are the pointers."

"Ohhhh!  I really cannot believe it, if they're the pointers,  then we should really thank them for showing our way, isn't it Rafael? "

"Yes, we should love them and thank them for the service rendered."

"But if they have done with, ill feeling towards us?"

"Never think bad of others,  Rebecca because people are in general, good. "

"But there are people who hurt others."

"What type of a girl are you Rebecca? "

"I feel,  I'm a good girl." All smiled.

"Yes you are Rebecca. "

"But Rafael,  how can you say so strongly, my character? "

"Its simple Raj, what you want to see or hear or do is what you receive from others. In short, what is inside you, is what you get from others. So don't criticize others because you are saying bad of yourself."

"Rafael,  do you mean to say that, what all faults I see in others is in truth, my own?"

"Exactly, since we have it in us, we would know it quickly, or else how would we know, for example, if I say about a star, you have an idea of what I am speaking, right?" All nodded

"But, if I speak about droptrop, will you have an idea, what I'm speaking about"

"No Rafael,  we have no idea at all, what is it?"

"I too don' know, but that is not the point here, the main point is do not judge others and forgive if others have hurt you because they are helping you to get you out of life's problems and help us reach our destination quickly. " all nodded.

"So will you be able to do that Monica? " I'll try to remind myself what you have told Rafael."

"Good that is the  spirit. I think it's time to say bye." All nodded.

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