Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hey, Have You Seen Nature?

"Rafael,  today it was really windy, wasn't it? I thought it'd rain, but the wind took away the clouds. " all nodded.

"Yes Mark,  I had some casualties in my garden,  some branches were downed by the wind and all the plants have been shaken to the very root. Now it takes time to get back to normal, anyway, the vigour with which it was growing,  might not be revived but still,  it would grow just fine, anyway, the next time, when a storm comes by, it'd be much more prepared. " all nodded.

Oh!!! That' terrible Rafael,  your garden was so beautiful,  the trees were the show pieces (all nodded)

Yes, but what can we do, we cannot control the wind, well for that matter, when nature is hell bent to make such havoc, we just have to wait to let it do the damage.

But that's unfair Rafael

There is nothing unfair,  Monica, the nature is our own extension.

What does that mean Rafael?

Now look at the storm, it really messed lots of gardens and trees and houses and lives of people, likewise in our lives too, we get such dreadful experience, do you know when?

You better say it, I can avoid it before it ever happens, forewarned is forearmed. (All nodded)

When we are seperated from our loved ones.

Really?  I don't get it.

When we lose our dear ones, by several ways, when a daughter gets married, the parent though relieved woul feel very heart broken, when they have to let her go, our most dearest person dies, when parents get seperated or divorced, when children are left in an orphanage or in boarding school or on the street and to fend them on their own, then our insides would just be like a garden after the storm, nature can be healed, but a broken heart? It'd leave a scar and the life following it would not be the same and we would be a bit scared to face life or people again and look at nature, it picks up from where it has fallen and move on without complaint, taking the help of nature again to bring new life.

But Rafael,  these circumstances can be avoided, can't we?

Children, there are many things happening in a society, its culture, circumstances and above all, human weakness, when all these mix with our lives, we surely have several heart breaking experiences  we all don't think alike,  we all are unique, along with that circumstances, nobody can guarantee what awaits us the next moment,  just like the wind.  But we can withstand the onslaught.

Really?  How?

If we do not expect anything from anybody,  if the love you give is unconditional, if you are ready to give some space for others and help them grow, if you are ready to let them go which means, not expecting them to return your love,  then,  whatever they do to you, doesn't put you in a shocking state. Its not their fault or our fault, its the weakness of human nature, but whatever I say or advice, one thing is bound to happen.

What is it Rafael?

We would surely get hurt but it is up you, to heal the wound. If you think of doing revenge or fill yourself with hatred,  then you would be a loser and not the people who hurt you.

But how can that be possible,  Rafael?

The hurt is in you and you are not letting the wound to heal because of your hatred and revenge,  slowly,  the wound would start festering and it would spread to other parts of the body and make you sick and dead inside, but just like nature, you might be hurt or betrayed or seperated but your life should go on, like the nature open yourself to the world around, you would be surrounded by people who can help you to heal and grow and let go your hurt  then you become strong, so the next time, when you have to face a hurricane in life, you would be much more stronger than you believe. So whenever you are in confusion of how to tackle a problem and no one to help you, then look at nature, it has more experience than all mankind put together. Just believe,  the creator is too loving, to let us face our nightmares alone.

That is real touching,  but sadly, we don't have much nature left to look  at isn't it Rafael?

Hmmm,  we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Until then take care



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