Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Give Reign To Your Soul

"So Rafael, you promised, a story regarding giving full reign of our life to our soul." All nodded,  Rafael smiled and nodded.

"Yes Ajay,  I remember, ok. Here we go, It's a story of a poor boy. He was very courageous and never feared failure.  He had only his father and no one else. His father passed away leaving behind a small piece of land and a small hut. Since he was small, the village elders decided to select a family who can be his guardian, until he comes of age. The village head was a very shrewd man, he voluntered himself to be the guardian of the boy. The boy shifted his residence and lived in the home of his guardian."

"Was it easy for the boy,  Rafael? "

"No it was not easy, but he didn't complain. He worked very hard during day time and at night, he would listen to the singing of the village head man's daughter, who was his age. Before long, he knew he wanted to learn music."

"Oh! That's lovely. So was he able to learn? Did the headman allow the boy to learn music?"

"No, he was very angry and gave him extra work at night too.  But the daughter was very kind,  she taught him secretly. "

"Ohhhh how sweet of her. It's really good isn't it, Rafael? "

"Yes it's,  but she would have to pay for her actions, naturally."

"Why what happened?"

"Ever year during the temple festival, the village conducted a music festival.  Anybody could participate, people came from other villages too to participate as well as for entertainment, for the past two years, the headman's daughter was the winner,  so this year, the headman placed a bet, that his daughter would be this year's winner, but unfortunately, everyone believed it too."

"Rafael it's unbelievable, that there were no good singers in that area."

"Well, let's say, the girl was very talented. " all nodded.

"Since there were no one to place a bet on anyone else, the headman became too proud, heannounced, 'If anybody can defeat his daughter will be given half the share of his property and all what he has."

"Ohhhh,  how would the daughter feel? "

"His daughter was unaware of all these. She was the first contestant. She sang so beautifully, that everyone sat there struck by the beauty of the song.  Everyone knew, that she would easily. Many contested, but none could reach the standard of the headman's daughter. Then the last contestant arrived,  it was none other than the orphan boy. He sang the same song as that of the headman's daughter. He did it so perfectly, that all went silent for a moment and then a big applause erupted from the audience. The boy was whisked from the stage. Seeing,  the boy being congratulated, the headman became very angry.  He pulled him down and thrashed him with his walking stick and shouted, "You ungrateful wretch, this is how you repay for giving you shelter and food, for being your guardian? And he looked at all the people and said, look at this boy, today, he snatched my daughter's talent, tomorrow, who knows, he would cut my own head. So I order, this very moment to leave this village and he turned to the people present, beware of this boy, don't make the mistake of taking him in."

"Ooh how sad."

"Yes its saddening Rebecca,  but what to do, he had to face it, he had nothing, not even a single dress. He begged the headman, please don't let him in the street.  But everyone was deaf to his cries."


"He got up wiped his tears and just walked, not knowing what to do, his mind was blank. He just ealked without any  direction."

"But Rafael,  how can that be possible?  He would have some destination?"

"There is a time, when we go blank, not able to decide anything,  at that time, we are letting the soul to take control of our life, it would help us too."

"Wow!!!! At the right time."

"If we have faith, instead of wasting our time planning and plotting and the end result becoming a flop, if we wait for the result come to us, without any planning, then you will never believe, we get a perfect outcome, perfect life in the end."

"So this is how we give reign to our soul, allow your life to come as it may, let your physical being be a spectator, then the spiritual part, your soul will do the rest."

"Thank you Rafael,  we got it ." All nodded.

"Ok then, ee'll meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then take care, bye


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