Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easiest Route to Face Life

"Rafael,  what's the easiest route to face life?"

"Be simple."

"That simple?" All smiled.

"Yes, that simple,  when you were small what was your worry? "

"Thinking of it now, there eas nothing, when angry, happy, hurt, whatever emotions we had eas shown then and there, not even bothering to think of its consequences. But now, its so complicated, that I'm not sure whether to do it or not do it, or say it or not say it. I'll have to plan each and every thing of my life. Its really tiring, Rafael.'

"Always on the tight rope?"

"Exactly. "

"Not knowing where the next step would end?"

"Yes absolutely right. But that is so boring, one after the other. Life should be really enjoyedisn't it Rafael? "

"Yes,  it is. But not in the sense like party, booze and all that sorts. It would lead to more inner emptiness leading to hopelessness."

"Never think, that things or money or people can make you happy. No, they can never do it, only you can make yourself happy."

"Wow that's news and how can that be possible?"

"That is where your talents  come in. They are a way to reach you to your destination, eternal happiness, paving the path to success, helping you face life peacefully, etc...etc..."

"But how can we find the righr talent,  Rafael? "

"That's where simplicity plays a great role."

"Can you elaborate?"

"Life has lots of commitments to be fulfilled, lots of challenges to be faced and lots of masks to be eorn for all occasions. During this situation,  don't try to accommodate it along with your personality, it would never mix with your real self, it makes you artificial."

"But Rafael,  if we do not go according to the flow we will be out of our friend and family circle within no time. "



"Yes, its a big no. You would never be an out cast, being simple, like when problems come, let it come, of it jas come, tjen it knows theway to go away. So why bother, why wear a mask, when you can pleasantly speak out, if you feel comfortanle or jist be mum, any way they would come to know about the flaws, through other sources at first,  they might feel odd, but they would surely  know, you were right, then they would value your words, feel comfortanle with your presence, but more importantly, you should know what you are worth for and that is where you should find your talent."

"And how would we find our talent?"

"The activity you are more comfortable with, feels happy and bring inner peace is what you are best. Find it and try it. Its time to leave, we'll meet tomorrow. " all nodded.

Until then,  take care.  Bye


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