Sunday, May 19, 2013

Don't Dare....

"But Rafael, there is a situation, that I cannot understand, we are always on the cross, one way or the other, is there no end to it?"

"Yes, that's a good question, Ajay, there is a way out, sure."

"That's a relief, how?"

"Easy,  face it."

"What does that mean Rafael?"

"When a dog chases you, which is the best route out?"

"Stay where you are and no running."

"Yes, that's right, or else you would have to run the whole time until you tire and every time you meet a dog, naturally the fear overcomes you and you run and how long would you do that?"

"Our whole life?"

"Exactly, and will the problem go?"

"No, that is what is happening to us, we are always crucified because, we have been running from the problem before and the fear within us is overcoming us. So its better, you come face to face with the problem and take the brunt of all humiliation, fear, hatred and let it pass over you, inside you and above you, then you will know, its no big deal, so that is how we can stop our crucifixion. So next time, when the dog comes, it would not mind you and you are scot free. In other words, when you stand and face the crucifixion, the next time, it would not touch you and that is why Jesus, had only one crucifixion."

"Well, that was a very very big and very humiliating one Rafael, if I were in His place, God, I would not have reached till the very end."

"No Rebecca, if you have the courage, you would surely reach till the very last part. But children, in daily life, there are small small problems, don't run away from it, face it, but be courageous to be truthful to your Self, that's all I ask of you or else, you would have life long crucifixion." All nodded.

"OK then, we'll meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then, take care, bye


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