Sunday, May 12, 2013

Do We Really Have to Pray?

"Rafael,  if we can make miracles happen from our soul,  then,  what is the necessity of going to church or temple or mosque to pray?"

"Good question Mathew,  man has been so immersed in needs and tensions, that he has forgotten his identity thereby bringing him misery the whole life."

"Ohhhh that's terrible,  but then what role does a place of worship has in our life,  Rafael? "

"Believe me, it has a very big role than you can imagine."

"Really,  then don't put us in suspense because I for one am really lazy to go to church, but if you say that it has a very big role,  then I would surely change my priorities,  Rafael. "

"Good Monica,  Now what is water to our body? "

"Its life,  Rafael,  we cannot live without it."

"Exactly,  and what about,  air, can we live without it? "

"You might be kidding,  right? "

"No, frankly asking,  so that I can explain to you."

"Sorry Rafael,  we cannot live without it, we would be dead, within five minutes. "

"Yes, likewise, church is water to our soul and air is life. "

"I didn't get you, Rafael. "

"Ok, water and air are needed to keep our physical body alive,  but still it dies,  but on the other hand, the soul is deathless, it lives and lives, but if we do not give the necessary nutrition, it would dry up in our own body bringing us lifelong misery ."

"Oooh that's terrible."

"Yes, and that should never happen to anybody and the place of worship,  whether church or temple or mosque,  they help us direct us from going the wrong direction and the scriptures, guide us and our prayer, nourishes the soul giving us the much needed hope.  Now I want to look this place with a new eye."

"What does that mean, look with a new eye? "

"First watch the surrounding of a church or mosque or temple, mostly we will have to climb a set of steps,  which means, ee will have to raise our body from Earth, then we enter into the big hall, where either it might be silent or very prayerful. If its silent,  then it means, the atmosphere fit for communicating with God can be attained from nothingness, silence is a void, you do not need anything to be with God,  but there is one thing, he needs, can you guess? " All nodded in the negative.

"Its you, then when the prayer comes out from the very lip of our being the communication is made. Now, this is the physical part of church or temple or mosque. Now, connect it spiritually, The room within you where the soul resides is the temple or mosque or church,  to reach there, you will have to raise your self from earthly thoughts, leave behind all your problems,  needs and everything and bring your self inside the temple of the soul and pray, thus setting a communication between the creator and the created, bringing miracles for all to see. But in order to find the connection between the physical and the spiritual,  church and temple and mosque is a necessity. They will show you the path, value them and the keepers of these institution. They are priceless people. " All nodded.

"So next time, when you get an opportunity to go to a church or temple or mosque,  grab it and don't let it pass. There would always be a gift awaiting for raising your self and making your presence known to have spared the time to communicate, with God soul.  Just know, he is rich eh, too much loaded. You can ask anything. Its like Aladdin's cave. So now, have I given enough details to make you understand the importance of going to temple or mosque or church? " all nodded.

"Thank you Rafael,  you were very much clear and I would surely think twice before I say no." All smiled.

"Good, so we conclude and meet you tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then take care, bye


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