Monday, May 27, 2013

Definition of Life

Rafael, I would like to know, how would you define life, according to you. So that we too understand, what it is.

Hmmm, that's tricky

I usually get answers more from nature, since, its open to all. So I'll give it from there itself, if you don't mind.

No not at all, go on, we are all ears.

Life is like an Ocean because It has depth,  which cannot be easily measured, our life cannot be measured in the sense of our feelings, our worth and above all the relationships bound with each other.

Life is an ocean because it has ripples on the surface
the daily ups and downs of life, the small happiness and sorrows, the small winnings and losings are all  like the ripple of water.

Life is an ocean because it is vast, we do not know where it ends or where it starts, but we know it is there, just like life, we do not know where to start or where to end, we just live.

Whatever or however you define life, there is one thing you should know, it has identity, the identity of you, it has majesticity, the majesticity of your soul and uniqueness, the uniqueness of love. So don't equate your life to anything, just live and show the world, you are the best, happened to them. All smiled.

So don't think of defining life, just live it, we are lucky we have it. All nodded.

OK then I think, its time to say bye, we will meet tomorrow. All nodded.

Until then take care, bye.


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