Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crucifixion is not on the Cross, But In Your Life, Check it Out

"But Rafael, even though Jesus sweat blood, he had to die on the cross, then we too have to go through that, isn't it? the consequences of forgiveness, loving and caring?"

"Love is an unconditional and sometimes non rewarding too and mostly it would really hurt, I remember a mother, who loved his son so much, that she used to fulfill every whim and fancy of his and along with it, she tried to give him a very education, but since she was a government employee, she used to get transfer now and then. So she decided to put her son in the boarding. But the son was very very angry. When the mother became old, he harassed her, saying, you were not there to love me, so why should I love you. Until, the son, started earning on his own, it was the mother, who spent money for his expensive day to day activities, but now, the mother has to work in her own house as servant to earn her keep. So where is love here?"

"Ohhh its so sad."

"That is what we say crucifixion, here the mother is crucified because she loved her child."

"But Rafael, then what will happen to the mother and also the son."

"Well if she forgivers her son and is at peace with herself, then she would really be loved in the end, her worth would be known, but the son, he too has to accept the reason behind him being in the boarding and love his mother, or else, he is going to be a sick man for life. So in real life, we do have this type of crucifixion at every turn of life, friends betraying, secrets made public, jilting, etc...But be sure, its not always, that we have to face this situation, its just an opening for our soul to meet God, but just be strong and don't hate the person, who brought us to this situation, he has to be there to unite us with God, that is what Jesus showed us through the crucifixion, till the last drop of blood and water, he didn't utter a word of anger or hatred, but that of forgiveness."

"Rafael, its really a hereculean task isn't it?"

"Yes it is. But I hope you would win, you could overcome it easily." All nodded.

"We too hope so, really, thinking about it really gives me nerves. Rafael, are you sure, we would have to face all these?"

"A Hundred percent, no doubt, but don't worry, it will all pass easily, if you pray really hard, with your soul."

"Hope so."

"So I think, we should disperse for today, we will meet tomorrow?" All nodded.

Until then, take care, Bye


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