Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teachers Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do Your Duty Properly..

Chapter - 45

"So children, Who is this, why don't you introduce me to your new friend?"
"Rafael, this is Raj, my brother. He has come home for holidays."

"Glad to meet you Raj."

"Rafael, I have been hearing about you so much, that it is indeed a great privilege to meet you." They shook hands and all sat on the lawn.

"Now how about we continue, with our story?" All nodded.
"The teachers arrived with great expectation, to make a diiference in the life of the children."

"But Rafael, I thought, teachers duty is to only teach, give home works, test papers and punishments." All smiled and nodded.

"As a student there is a duty to learn, likewise, the teachers has a duty to give them education and if they do not give them, then they would be responsible for each student, they had not educated and they would begiven the death sentence of life."

"What does that mean, death sentence, Rafael?"

"They have already nipped the bud of new bloom. Children are like small buds, their education is their lifeline and the children, when they are denied what they had come to school for just because of the school teacher, then they are actually killing the children, not one, but the whole class."

"Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I understand, for killing the lives of so many children, they would surely get the death sentence, but from whom? Nobody knows it only the teacher knows and no one else."

"Yes, that is where we are mistaken Rebecca, we feel, no one sees any of our actions, but our actions are marked by our own soul and each death would be marked and it would return to the teacher in great force."

"But Rafael, I really cannot imagine what the teacher has in store of his life."

"Be sure Monica, the teacher would have a nightmare of his life because, that is a simple truth, there is no need for anyone to see or punish him for his actions. The verdict has already been passed by his own soul and mark my word, the teacher would have to pay for even a small full stop, when he starts paying for his actions. So that is why, the teachers of Alfonso, who came to the island, had an aim to make a difference in the life of the children."All nodded.

"Its not for only teacher, but for all people who have committed to fulfill a work, has to make a difference." All nodded.

" I think, its time to say bye." All nodded.

.......to be contd..(46)

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