Thursday, April 25, 2013

One of The Sources of Unhappiness

"Rafael, if we find the right job and if we are happy, then why are these people not happy? Why are they cheaters and are not comitteed or dedicated?"

"Yes Rebecca, you itself told the answer, they have not found the right job. Its that simple."

"But how come they didn't choose the right job?"

"Usually, there are many reasons for not finding the right job, th first and foremost is circumstance and the next is destiny. In both the cases, no one can do anything."

"But Rafael, that's really unfair, if we do not have any say in our matters, then how can we choose the right job?"

"Its all our fault, children, we are the people who make destiny, So what we got from destiny or circumstance is our own making"

"But Rafael, how did we got these?"

You had blocked somebody else's circumstance or the good fortune  and that returned to you. "

"But, how did we block all these, Rafael?"

"When you do it, it might be small small acts, which you found it as a joke or not even given a thought."

"Can you give an example Rafael?"

"Yes sure, Ajay. When your friend is making a plan to ask his parents to buy him a new bicycle and you as a joke says to his parents, that it is not necessary. He is not studying in school properly and the planned cycle is cancelled. So the same opportunity, which you had denied to your friend, would be denied to you doubly. So never try to deny anything for anybody. Then your circumstances would be much open to your wishes and your destiny would be much more promising than you have expected." All nodded

"So promise me, that you would use your words as well as actions to help others in fulfilling their dreams. Then your dreams would be fulfilled and destiny cleared." All nodded.

"Yes Rafael, we promise."

"Good, Now its time to say bye."

Take care and Be happy .



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