Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Key To Success Is In Taking Risks

Chapter 33

"Rafael does it make any difference? If no one loves us, naturally we'd get depressed and we would not be  in a mood to love anybody since we are sure they would not return our love."

"That is the beauty of life Ajay, nothing can be expected, everything we get is always a surprise."

"I love surprises Rafael, If it is good surprises, if I get a birthday gift or a christmas gift, I love to have it but other than that, I'm a bit scared Rafael."

"Its natural, but taking risk is what is necessary in life. Now  in the story which we were talking about Alfonso, took lots of risks, though he didn't know the basics of medicine, he wasn't frightened to help Dr. Martin, he wasn't frightened to help the princess, who could have cheated him, but still he did it because he was courageous enough to face, even if it ends bad, and the result, he was successful in all his ventures and he also got riches too. So what do you think? Surprises are good or not?"

"Much better, but still....."

"Yes surprises can hurt us as well as make us happy we are not sure what lay in store for us. But we will all have to take a risk. Its always worth it. When the first man made a boat and travelled over the ocean what might have he thought?"


"He can think of anything  and he might not have succeeded too but in the end, we are all the sons and daughters who were lucky to be born after him who is having the luck to travel in   high end ships and see the world with grandeur and luxury. If everyone had stayed on land fearing that it is much more safer than going out to sea, what will happen?"

"We'll still be on land and in a small world."

 "Exactly Mark that is what happens, when we do not give love, we fear we would not get anything back and fear to even smile at a person, but the surprising thing is if we are courageous enough, we would get the love we had invested for others in a big way and in a grand way. The only thing is take the risk and don't think of the returns, that is the joy of giving, the joy of loving, the joy of smiling, everything would end out simply superbly. And the end part is love will start flowing without stop to your soul and from your soul to many other souls." All nodded.

"Thanks Rafael, I'll surely try to take safe risks for the time being."

"Good that's the spirit."

"One last thing, I'd like to add."

"What is it Rafael?"

"For the people who is courageous enough to take risksm they would be bestowed with  abundant gifts from God too. They can clear the blocks which their soul is covered easily because, they are ready to rectify the mistakes, they made in their lives and in the end, they get the trophy. So it is always advisable to take risks than be fearful. That should be the magic word of your life. Quit Fear and Take Risk. Success will be at your doorstep." All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave." All nodded. be contd...{34}

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