Thursday, April 18, 2013

Share Your Self

Chapter 40

“So Rafael, how did Isabella make a cloth factory?”

“She asked Sanjo and Juan’s help for it. They were experts in the tinkering and knick knacks and as errand boys too. They searched for the right person who knew the know how of making a cloth machine. Then they brought the materials to make the machine and from there step by step, they achieved a building to start a factory and the machine was set and weavers were recruited, along with that tailors and there were lots of women work force in that factory, so giving employment for the wives of the men who work in construction and fields.”

“What about hospitals, Rafael?”

“Yes naturally, but with just hospital and without any facility was very difficult. They had already brought the resources to keep them going for 6 months, by then Isabella knew, it was not feasible to always rely on the mainland for everything. So one by one, they set up their own units in the island, as they had enough and more riches, which they used for the betterment of the society than keep it inside banks and inside the houses, which would be of no use to anybody.”

“Do you mean to say Rafael, that what we have we should share with others?”

“Yes, that is what it is for, the beauty of the flower, it shows to everybody, the smile of the baby, its for everybody, the light of the sun, its for all, likewise, our life should be for the betterment of the society and thus bettering our lives in the process.”

“But we are all children, we cannot do anything.”

“There is no age in helping, you can help your parents by obeying them, learning properly, scoring good marks, being good children, helping them by keeping your room neat and tidy. These are small acts, but it makes a lot of difference. Its not necessary you should have money or intelligence or beauty to do good. Just as I told, do the small things and the rest would automatically better your life along with the people around you.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
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