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Respect Your Soul Mate

Chapter 36

Isabella was dumbstruck when she heard Alfonso saying callously her future and her father was too happy to hear it too. She just wanted to flee from the place.. She wished if she had dropped dead.” Nobody knew what was going through her except Dr. Martin. So he didn’t delay, what he had in mind.”

“What did he do Rafael?”

“He heard everything what Alfonso had to say and smiled and nodded.”

“Yes you are right Alfonso, it is time for her to decide what should she do.” All nodded and Dr. Martin turned to her daughter and asked, “Daughter, what do you think, I tried to persuade Alfonso to take you to the island, what do you think, do you want to get married to a nice man and live a life of utter boredom or accompany Alfonso and become a piratess?” Isabella couldn’t believe her ears.

“Father, are you saying that I can decide between the two evils?”

“Yes, my child, you have a choice, if you want my consent, I’ll give for the second one.” All mouth gaped at Dr. Martin, as if he was talking Gaelic. But Isabella smiled widely and looked directly at Alfonso and spoke, “But father if the pirate doesn’t want my presence or my company, then what am I to do?”

“Then you will have to die a spinster.” Alfonso spluttered his coffee and all the others gasped.”

“But Sir, you cannot force her to join us. She has a very pampered life here and I am totally against denying such luxury. I really would love to have herm not as just a companion but as my friend, my lover and as my wife, but you know my life, I can only guarantee, that I’d take care of her with my life, if she is willing.”

“Now that is decent talk” All smiled. Isabella couldn’t believe how simply Alfonso spoke about his love. Tears started pouring down her eyes. Alfonso got up and walked towards her and took hold of her face and spoke,”Isabella, I am sorry, I hurt you, forget that I ever spoke in such a manner, you are free to marry anyone you love and wiped her tears and turned to go, when Isabella held his hand and spoke,

“Alfonso, you are simply dumb, why should I give you my talisman? I gave you my very life for your safety and still you are apologizing? You are crazy. You are my soulmate.” So saying, she embraced Alfonso tightly.” Alfonso couldn’t contain his happiness. He reciprocated his happiness by raising her up and nuzzling his face in her hair and mumbled, “Thank you Isabella, you gave me a world of happiness.” All the crew stayed open mouthed and Dr. Martin cleared his throat noisily bringing all back to senses.”

“Rafael, is there a thing called soul mate?”

“Yes, there is always a soul mate, a mate where one feels comfortable with the other’s presence. Where both feels, that with the other’s presence only they feel whole. Their silence also speaks volume. There is no need to say anything to make the other person understand.

”To help guide the other soul to God. It has already been destined for us."

"Do everyone have a soul mate?"

"Yes everyone has it, one would feel fulfillment only when the other soul joins. But there is one thing, that we should understand, there is no gender in soul, like boy or girl, in the spiritual sense. So the soul mate can be either boy or girl, that is why some feel comfortable with the same gender and some to the opposite gender."

"Is it why we have gays and lesbians?"

"The difference between physical and spiritual world is, in physical world, we need lots of worldly pleasures to make us happy, like money, name, fame, love and have sexual intercourse. But in spiritual world, there is no need for all these things, we are only souls and we get happiness, only when we are united with God. And the speciality of God is, His love is so deep that if we compare the ocean, it'd be too shallow and the name and fame He gives, if we compare it with the sky high, it'd be too short a distance and when He gives the fortune, if we compare it with the expanse of the universe, its too finite an expanse like a small pond. So never define a person as gay or lesbian, never value a person  in the physical sense, live your life with a thought that you are Spirit, a drop of the God soul, then we would respect any person, whether gay or lesbian or whatever." All nodded.

"But why should we need soul mate?"

" To help lead us to God, and it is very important their presence in our lives, they help us, guide us and above all love us as we are, they are like a small extension of God. So when we find them, we should respect them because, they are God sent people. Now when you are small our parents are our soul mates, then some teachers become our soul mates, friends become our soul mates and in the end, it might be spiritual teachers, husbands & wives, etc…." All nodded.

“I thought soul mates are husband & wives.”

“No Rebecca, the only criteria, which can be given for soul mates is, they love unconditionally. I hope everyone respects your soul mates because they are the key to open the lock of our soul to reach God.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave." All nodded. be contd...{37}

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