Monday, April 29, 2013

Make A Big Deal With Your Smile

"Rafael, today a man smiled at me."

"Ajay, what's so big deal about that? "

"I know there is nothing, but I was totally alone on the road and he had no need to smile at me, but still he smiled, and I felt like I was valued, respected and more than that I felt special" All smiled and nodded.

"Wow!!!!! That's simply awesome. I have not thought about it in that sense Rafael.  But it's simply a good feeling isn't it Rafael? "

"Hmmm. Smile holds lots of things. But do you know when you smile? "

"When we are happy?"

"Yes, when we are happy and when our heart is filled with love. Smile is the first expression of love and its the best too."

"Why do you say that Rafael,  the best? "

"Its inexpensive, no flowers or gifts can excel in its beauty. No cards or letters can overcome the depth of words spoken through the smile. "

"But Rafael, why do you say all these?"

"When Ajay received a smile,  look what all he felt? " All nodded.

"So when you smile at someone, you bring all these expression to another person. How do you feel? "

"In seventh heaven. Its simply great isn't it guys? " All nodded.

"And other than that, this feeling returns to you. And these feelings  produces several hormones, that would retain the youthfullness thus reducing wrinkles that make up our age."

"So remember when you smile it holds lots of perks to help you live a fruitful and contented life. So try to smile at least once a day and then a two and a three. Then you know the rest because it is a chain reaction. It will pass on holding each heart tightly with a smile bringing hope and strengthening the bond of relationships with love with a simple smile."

"Thank you Rafael.  I think, I'd be very happy,  when I smile again." All nodded.

"O. K. I think,  its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until then, take care



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