Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perks For Becoming A Monk

Chapter 38

But Rafael, what happens for the people who go to monastery, they do not have any relationship, they are not married, but still they reach God soul?”

“The best way of life is being ascetic, which means, deny yourself the bodily pleasures.”

“Its easy to say than done, Rafael. I really cannot imagine to stop my craving to ear burgers and pizzas. So when we grow big, God alone knows what all cravings do we have and how are we going to control it.”

“You are right Mark, its not easy to control. Actually this tendency is brought into us through our mind. It always, forces our body to do it again and again and in the end, our heart feels, yes, its true, we would feel happy and fulfills our craving. But if we know the root cause of our craving is the mind, then we are able to put all our cravings under lock and key, so as not to divert us from reaching us to God soul.”

“Why should we reach God soul, Rafael?”

“To be at peace with ourselves, to be happy forever, to be content with ourselves. When we are with God, we do not have any need.”

“Wow!!!! That’s simply superb, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes and if we have the courage to do it singlehandedly like the sages, priests, nuns, monks, etc. then you are very very lucky because he has the power to conquer the universe.”

“That’s weird. How can that be possible Rafael?”

“The energy used for fulfilling our wish is channelized for opening the cage of the soul and freeing it.”

“What energy Rafael?”

“There is nothing physical in this universe, when we divide our physical being, we are all made up of atoms, which we can simply say as energy.”All nodded

“So when we fulfill each need, we use our inner power to fulfill our needs and when all our needs are fulfilled, we would be very far from reaching our goal because, every time we use our inner power and resource, which was in us to reach God to fulfill our physical needs and wishes. But for the monks, nuns, sages, etc…. they do not have any wishes or needs, even though if they have, they just use that energy  to channelize it to gain entry to their soul and release the power from within, which is in itself a store house of power, that is why I told they are lucky. They are the luckiest of the humans. So the best decision is to become a monk or a nun and live a life of eternal happiness. But that doesn’t mean, married life is not good. We have to enter into that life with divine intention and not for bodily  pleasure.” All nodded and smiled.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{39}
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