Monday, April 15, 2013

Marriage - A Necessity?

Chapter 37

“Then what happened Rafael, did Alfonso and Isabella get married?”

“Yes they got married, before long.”

“But Rafael, is it necessary to get married?”

“Man, when born has only one goal, to be united with God, but since they gain a physical form, they lose their goal in the process.”

“How do they lose their goal Rafael?”

“Simple, the soul is locked in the physical body and there the goal too gets blocked, thus losing sight of it.”

“When man is born, he has several basic needs like food, water, air, clothing, then it grows to name, fame and money. But even if we fulfill all the needs to the brim, it would not bring contentment, then man understands, that the missing thing is love and for that, another quest starts, the perfect love, a love which really brings contentment.”

“Do we really get that type of love?”

“In the physical world, we would not get it, but if you are spiritually awaken, you will know, no human being can give you that love, love all giving and understanding and caingand etc.. and etc… But in a small way, people can give, that is when we come of age, we find a soul mate or a partner and give that type of love in the physical way as much as possible. But there is a limitation in the physical love, to gain completeness, we need to link our soul to our existence and that is when we need to be pure, our soul is very very pure. It is the drop of God soul.” All nodded.

“When you marry, we are uniting together two souls to create another drop of God soul through us and it is divine, its like creating another of our own. Its not for our fulfillment of our cravings or filling the gap of nothingness which is inside us, or not for just the fun of being together. This relationship is taking the oath in front of God, that we unite with God   and never take lightly the promise you have given in front of God, that oath is life binding.”

“If we are living in, without marriage, then there is no need to take any oath, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Never ever think of it, the place where our soul reside is very very divine.”

“Why is it like that Rafael?”

“Our soul is the drop of God soul. And it is our duty as Rafael, or Mark or Ajay or Mathew or Rebecca or Monica to keep the place where it resides as pure as possible. So when you live in or get united unnaturally and have all the pleasures your body crave for, you are giving your body, your thoughts, your sensehs, your everything for your bodily needs, which means, you are leasing your body without thought and the end result, you are double locking the soul into your body, where you have no hope of return to meet God soul. And the actions you do in the process, would bring a big dark nothingness in you, never to come out of it. So never ever tink of it. A union when married helps you unlock the door blocking your soul, to bring you boundless happiness. But that is not a very easy process. Any way the choice is yours, whether to get married or lead a life that is similar to a married couple” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded. be contd...{38}

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