Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keep Your Promises

Chapter - 26

“Rafael, there is one thing I don’t understand, why people give so much importance of keeping a word?”

“Hmm. That’s a good question Ajay. Can I ask a question?”

“Sure Rafael. No problem."

"Good, I offer you a new car and will give you by evening. What would you do?”

“Oh I’d be delighted and be in seventh heaven Rafael.”

“Why should you feel that Ajay? I just said it, I didn’t give you the car.”

“Your word is equal to giving the real one Rafael, that is why. You do not say just like that, if you are not planning to give.”

“Yes Ajay, that is what is behind the word, it is equal to giving and that is why we should keep our word or else do not give it.” All nodded.

“If by chance, we break a word, what will happen?”

“You are killing a soul and you know what is the fate of the people who kill”

“Yes Rafael, death sentence.”

“Exactly Mark, death sentence, but not by any person or government, but by you, the sentence is passed or would be given by you.”

“But how can that be possible Rafael?”

“ The action has been marked on your soul and it would return back to you, which would be a bigger blow than anticipated, hurting our soul doubly. There are some things, which comes from the soul."

"What are they Rafael?"

"One is love and the other is word. When you utter a word, it is equal to God giving a promise and it has to be fulfilled through you. And imagine when you do not keep your word, what all you are breaking? So try not to give word and if you give, try not to break it and use your words wisely.” All nodded.

“Now back to the story.” All nodded

“The hermit blessed us all and spoke to the old lady, “Sister, now I take leave of you, never to return. I had promised to fulfill your temple and it is finished. You have completed your life cycle too by creating a temple of you.” And he bowed in front of the old lady, the old lady  smilingly touched the hermit on his head like a blessing and she was gone without a trace.”

“Really rafael!!!!!! What happened?”

“She was waiting for the promise to be fulfilled by the hermit, which was connected to her goal of reaching God soul. She was purified in the process of waiting for the promise to be fulfilled. So better know the value of your word, value of your promise. It can even stop death.” All nodded.

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 27

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