Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If No One Loves You, Then For A Change Love Them

Chapter - 32

"Rafael, is it true, that, everything will a happy ending?"

"Yes Everything should have a happy ending. That is what we are here for Ajay."

"Thanks Rafael, its good to hear it. Then what happened to Alfonso?"

"Well he built what was necessary for a small township with the help of Dr. Martin and he collected all the unwanted people from the main land."

"But why did he do that Rafael?"

"There was a time, when he felt, that he wanted to be loved and at that time, there was no one to love him. So, he decided to love someone else for a difference and that is how he got a crew, who loved him with their life. So he liked that feeling of loving others without expecting anything in return."

"Oh! that's lovely, isn't it? Rafael?"

"Yes, its lovely. So the best way to make ourselves happy is to love others as you want to be loved and you will never regret. The love would return not from the same source, but from totally different one and it'd open lots of doors too for us, which we had thought was closed."

“We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 33

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