Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Think - I Wish I Was Dead

"Rafael, today I met my best friend, while we went shopping and he too had come for shopping,  the whole family was there, but when I saw his sister,  I had the shock of my life."

"Why what happened? Did she meet with an accident? "

"Well, I didn't get much time to speak about her, but I surely asked him, is something wrong with his sister and he became silent for sometime and then he pulled me to a corner and  whispered, "My sister wishes to die. The first thing that she says to God in prayer is, "Oh No not again, why do you not take me. You know I do not want to live. What will I do living here. You do not give me what I wish and you do not appreciate my service too. Then what use do you have of me other than burden?"

"But Mark, how did he hear this prayer?"

"Even I too exactly asked the same question and he said, they share the same bedroom and she usually prays loudly, thinking that he is asleep, but in fact, he wakes up hearing this prayer. First, he found it funny, but as time passed, she withdrew into a shell of her own. That is when he informed his parents."

"Ohhh..... how sad, but that's terrible.  Sometimes, I too feel the same, Rafael. But why does it happen? Is it wrong, Rafael?

"Let me answer the last, yes it's very much wrong to wish death, because we are deathless.Do you know, what  does that mean, you are requesting to change the basic foundation of creation."

"What does that mean Rafael? "

"We are the drop of God soul, and we have all the qualities of God. Its a privilege, a gift for us from the creator Himself."

"But Rafael,  if we are the drop of God soul, then why don't we feel like living?"

"When God created man, he also gave us the power of decision. But we didn't know, the consequences of wrong decisions. That is where we made the mistake and when we are in mistake, then our inner light goes off, filling us in darkness bringing a sense of hopelessness inside us, leading  to a slow death. So, wishing for death, is what we do."

"But Rafael, what happens to the good done by us?"

"When we wish for death, it blocks anything that gives life.And not only that, you are a dead person. You only stink, not grow."

"Oops... that's terrible." All nodded.

"Yes it is. But that is our decision to wish for death."

"But Rafael, how can we overcome this situation?"

"We are human beings, we have a tendency to make mistakes and you have the power to either avoid it or rectify it. The choice is yours. . Remember you are not alone in your existence, you have a powerful companion, in this life and all the lifetimes you have, God the creator ."

"But Rafael,   then why are we unable to know God's presence?"

"Because we have lost hope and faith, then there is no need for any companion. You are all alone.  But if you believe that God could guide you, then your heart would be filled with hope, then naturally, the roads that lead to light would get opened.  So better think twice, when you wish for death." All nodded.

"One more thing," All looked expectantly at Rafael,  "Anyway you are born, you cannot change your destiny regarding death, then why waste time and energy for the unachievable?" All smiled. "So for a change take that wish and strength to show yourself, that you can make a winner of your life by living it to the full, no matter what you're facing.  Would you be able to do that?" All nodded.

"Good,  that is the spirit. So don't lose hope and faith, everything would turn out fine in the end because, that too is part of our creation, the end should always be happily ever after." All nodded and smiled.

"Thank you Rafael,  the ending part really brings hope." Rafael smiled and nodded.

" I think its time to say bye. We will meet tomorrow. " All nodded.

Until then take care, bye.


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