Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Find The Right Job - Then Its Leisure Lifelong

Chapter - 46

"Rafael, so they started school, now what?"

"They were given the best building,  one could imagine"

"Why what's the speciality, Rafael?"

"It was fit for a college, with all the amenities and the students were far better than the teacher had expected."

"Oh!!!! That' s a relief, isn't it Rafael?"

"Children, there is one thing you should know, when you love what you do, there is not a problem of difficulty or tiredness or relief, the more complicated the work, the more enjoyment you'd have with the work."

"But I have thought that work is a bore because most of the people go for holidays to cool the system because of hard work."

"If you love the work you do then there is no difference between enjoyment and work."

"But Rafael, how do we find that type of job?"

"Its simple, try to find, which subject you enjoy more."

"Can I tell you a truth Rafael?"

"Sure Mark, what is it?"

"Until now, I haven't found any subjects I love, then how am I going to find the righ job?"

"One thing you should know, every human being excels in one subject, no matter, whether there are 100 billion or 1000 billion people on this Earth, this nature and the universe in which we live is a galore of information, waiting for a Mark or Mathew or Ajay or Raj or Monica or Rebecca to unlock its secret. But for that we should gain an interest in the right subject and then you would be the genius in that field."

"Really Rafael? I love to hear it. But Rafael, how would we become the best? Please say it in detail." All nodded eagerly.

"Its easy, just find the right subject you love to hear, you are not tired of hearing, even after the subject teacher leaves class after teaching that subject and you think about it most of the time, both sleeping and waking hours. You complete all the home work of that subject on time or before time and you know the answers to whatever questions you are asked of that subject and if you have any doubts, you won't be able to sit idly until you get the answer. That is the subject you love, you'd excel. Have you found a subject like that?"

"Yes Rafael, I have, its computer for me. I love that subject and I'm a whiz at it."

"Good Raj, then you will have to follow it, that is when you would find out many ways to make it more user friendly, more innovative ideas would be brought out and that is when everyone recognizes it. You spend most of your waking and sleeping time in forming several ideas. If you see gret scientist, innovators, they do not have any free time. You might say, they are workaholic. But in real life, they are having leisure, lifelong."

"Oh!!!!!!!!!! Rafael, its simply cool isn't it?"

"Yes its cool, but you can be cool by finding the right job. So just be on the look out fr the right subject and then your life would be far easier than you can imagine." All nodded.

"Thank you Rafae. I'll surely look for my right subject and then I'll find the right job." All nodded.

"Good, that's the spirit. Now I think, its time to stop, we'll meet tomorrow." All nodded.

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