Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fight Alzheimers Now

"Rafael, my friend lost his identity."

"What does that mean Mark, 'Lost hs identity?"

"Well, he lost his memory, he was only 53. But now he doesn't remember anything, not even me. He only remembers, how to play carroms, but that too he forgets in the middle and just walks off. They say he is suffering from Alzheimers Disease."

"Oh that's sad. Who is there to look after him?"

"Though his children are there, they have put him in a hospital."

"Hmmmm, for safety, that is the better place, if all the family has jobs to go, anything can happen."

"But he was so energetic, how did this happen? Why does this happen?"

"Well scientifically, because of non use of brain, the brain, gets plaque and tangles resulting in that part of the brain to die. But there is one thing you will have to know, if you had not let your brain idle, then, I can gurantee, that no Alzheimers could touch your brain."

"How can we keep our brain active Rafael, seeing my friend, I really do not want me or any of my friends, to be like that."

"Good thought, first and foremost, do not lose heart when failures come your way. Life is not an easy path. Never expect all your friends would stand by you at all times. They can make a decision." All nodded."Sometimes, it would be hurtful to you. At that time, believe, life is not made up of just friends and cheaters, there are lots of people out there, who is out there to help you, guide you and pat you on the shoulders, to encourage you. Then there are situation, where you would miss several opportunities by failing in exams, competitions, etc..Then believe that, life is not this competition, there are hoardes of competition and this failure, showed us where we had made a mistake. So when th real competition come, we have more chances to win, than the others."ll nodded.

"So what does this has to do with the disease Rafael?"

" I am going to say a story about a lady who became an Alzheimer's patient at the age of 30."

"You are kidding, aren't you Rafael?"

"No, I'm not Raj. She was married, had two kids too, very smart children. But there was a problem in her family life. Her husband ill treated her daily. He had clout. He was well liked by all and he was good with words. But at home he was number 1 bastard. This lady tolerated all these misery singlehandedly, there was no one to share. She swallowed it and at first, there was nothing amiss. She used to do all the work. Even though the children were there, they too taunted like their father as a joke, not seriously."

"How sad."

"Yes it was sad, she lost all hope of living. She started sitting idly, doing nothing. She sometimes totally forgot to prepare lunch or breakfast. All shouted at her, but she just heard it and let it pass, because nothing registered. It was at this time, her mother-in-law, aged 70 arrived and she too had the beginning of Alzheimers."

"Wow!!!!!!!! what is it Rafael?"

"Well, the daughter-in-law was silent, but the mother-in-law was talkative."

"That's good, what did they have to talk about, Rafael?"

"Very straightforward, the mother-in-law remembered only her past, when she was married and the ill treatment she received from her husband."

"Wow!!!!! What a coincidence, isn't it Rafael?"

"We can say it might be destiny. Hearing all the hurts her mother-in-law had to face, something of a shock registered in daughter-in-law's mind."

"She wanted to write all the experiences of her mother-in-law. So something interesting ignited in th daughter-in-law. She started writing, at first, she wrote her mother's experience, then slowly her oen experience and that was a small opening for the daughter-in-law. Before long the mother-in-law passed away, but living behind a new life and from then onwards, there was something creative, to stimulate the brain of the daughter-in-law. But the only advice I have for you children is, "Never lose hope."That is when you do not wish to live and thus shutting down your brain for no activity, creating Alzheimers." All nodded.

"Life is to be lived because you are here to fulfill many commitments and not shirk it. For that you will have to face several failures and hurts, that is part of our existence, but along with that there are lots of winnings and joyful experiences, don't overlook it, because, that is the only way to bring light to the darkened life. So hold the lamp of hope and not any incidents or people or circumstance overcome you. Just forgive and forget. You are leaders, you are winners, you can conquer a thousand mountain everest, if you put your heart into it, then  why worry about  small problems and small people."

"But Rafael, what happens to our body, if we overcome this hurdle by overcoming hurts by forgiving and forgetting?"

"Hope and Happiness produce  life giving hormones to our body. They are life  boosters, energizers."

"And what about forgiveness?"

"Forgiveness is connected to love and when we forgive it heals the hurt both bodily, psycologically and love sprouts new life. That is what the daughter-in-law got from her mother-in-law, the power to forgive and forget bringing new hope and thereby happiness. So when someone hurts you, just smile at them because you are a power house of love and life, Bear that in mind and live happily ever after." All nodded and smiled.

See you tomorrow.

Until Then Take  Care.



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