Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family First

Chapter - 27

“Now back to the story, the lady died. So we buried her in her own courtyard and the princess too stayed there until all the rituals were completed.”

“Rafael, did the hermit stay back?”

“No he left, saying, the old lady is accompanying him to his hermitage, as she always wished to go there. So he left immediately.”

“But Rafael, how can he do that? Isn’t have any consideration for the old lady?”

“Yes, he had, Rebecca, that’s why he left immediately. For the people who have find the path to God, know that there is a soul, which lives forever and for them the soul is important than the body, that’s why he left because for the soul there are no barriers. And he knew, the love the old lady had towards him. So she would reach there to see his place, that’s why he ran.” All nodded.

“But Alfonso, the old lady left and the hermit too left, then how did you return to the main land, with a fleet of ship filled with gold?”

“After burying the old lady, we all went into the house to clean the place and after cleaning the whole house, we went to her prayer room, where we had seen the temple and when we stepped into the room, the temple vanished and we were in our ships nearing this port. Then I checked the Talisman, which had helped me a lot and it was then I came to know it was missing. I was very sad.” All nodded.

“Its natural. But anyway, lucky it returned to its legitimate owners, isn’t it Rafael?” All nodded.

“Yes Mathew.”
“But Rafael, one thing I do not understand, how did the temple vanish?”

“Children, the temple was really  the soul of the old lady, but it took a physical form for our sake and she waited to bless the  people who helped her bury her body and clean her house. That is why the temple stayed for that long and then vanished and that is when the wishes were fulfilled.”

“So remember, when you do good to others, and when the other soul feels happy, then for sure, one of your wishes would be fulfilled, then and there. So try to do good, first to your family, who is at home, then the rest of the world. If you cannot understand or be kind with your family, then what is the use of your existence?” All nodded.
"Rafael, would you be able to elaborate?"

"Sure Ajay, you might be a well respected or well loved person and you do lots of good to people in the society. But when you arrive home, you do not have a heart or a smile or a good word to your family for your mother or father or sister or wife or son, then what is the value of the service you did to the society?"
"Nothing Rafael, you' re right, a wasted existence. Learn to love from home, Learn to live from home, Learn to help from home, that is where the society starts, that is where you life started, not the world outside. God gave your parents , your sisters and brothers because, he wanted you to love them first, only then others should come.
 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 28

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