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Enjoy Your Small Life

Chapter - 25

“Alfonso recited, how the Talisman got disappeared when he wore it, how his ship sunk and the gold scattered all over the ocean floor, how he heard a fish speak and how they spoke with thoughts and how he met the princess and the conditions, until he reached the old woman to meet the hermit, who visited the old lady only once a year and gifted a stone to the old lady for many years, which the lady started using to build a small temple in her prayer room, but the speciality of the temple is, these stones didn’t need cement, it is been erected simply by stones, which was gifted by the hermit, who brought only one stone at a time, exactly on the day Alfonso and his team went to meet the hermit, the temple got fulfilled by placing the last stone and a power emanated from the temple, which the hermit requested to wish for one thing and I wished for your complete cure and revive your energy and bring back your youthfulness, sir.”

“Thank you Alfonso, I do not know, how I would repay you, but, one thing is sure, all that has happened to me is God sent.” All nodded.

“But how did the hermit create the stone, which didn’t need any cement?”

“Yes, the hermit explained about it. The stones were actually the patience of the old lady, her prayer, her penance, her good deeds, thoughts, words,  her love, her kindness and the temple is her heart, when we are like the old lady, then we become a temple, where God resides and whoever asks anything, would be granted.” All nodded.

“But Rafael, how did the hermit get the stone?”

“He just picked a stone from the forest, but the faith of the old lady in the hermit made it unique, made it powerful, but in real, there is nothing unique in the stone in the eyes of the hermit.”

“Sorry Rafael, I really cannot believe it, then how did it get attached on its own and became a temple, if these stones didn’t have power?”
“That is the power of our mind, if we believe that the stone has the power to attach on its own, it would. When you get sick, you feel by having medicine, you’d be cured, then it happens, but if you think, medicine won’t cure you, it happens as such. Its not because the medicine is acting, but because your mind has decided whether you would be cured or not. Here Alfonso believed that the power of the hermit and the temple could surely heal the doctor and he got healed.”

“So Rafael, are you saying that we hold immense power to even create what we want?”

“Yes mark, but on one condition, clear your soul path that leads to God, then anything is possible and that is what the hermit showed, its not easily achieved and you need lots and loads of patience.”

“But it take years and we have one small life, Rafael, why waste by clearing our ways, when it is to enjoy and live it to the full?”

“That’s a good thought Ajay. Can I ask a question?”

“Sure Rafael, no problem.”

“Are you happy? You have everything, like food, shelter, dress, pocket money and lots of friends. Has it made it happy?”

“I am happy, but I would be more happier if I had an i-phone and i-pad.”

“Well that is what happens, when you are involved in enjoying your short life, you have something missing that makes you happy. But the people who tries to clear the soul path, they wouldn’t have anything missing because, the soul can give you complete happiness. Then there is one more thing, which you should know.”

“What is it Rafael?”

“You have a goal to fulfill. That is why you are here, as a human being, to reach God and if you do not take the step to clear the soul path, then you will live on this Earth eternally with all the unhappiness, sickness and tears along with happiness. But until you decide to take the path to soul, you will not have a happy ending. So clear it. That is why its important to change your attitude in fearing to clear your ways of behaviour. So please take the step to do good, obey elders, do your work punctually, these all count in the path to clear your soul.” All nodded.

“Now back to the story, the visit of the hermit was the last one, as he had promised to complete the temple of the old lady.”

“Oh how lucky, you people are, imagine, if we had got lost in the years. But how come you people came here?”

 “Simple, the princess wished to help her fulfill her word, to return us safe with a fleet of ships filled with gold and within moments we reached the port.”

“Wow!!! Just imagine, how important a word is for the princess?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded.

...to be contd… Chapter - 26

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