Sunday, April 28, 2013

Either Talk Sense Or Just Smile and Let it Pass

"Thinking of you on a sunny afternoon."

"Really! That's a privileged, Rebecca."

"Oh!!!! What an idiot you are, Mark."

"Why? Did I say something wrong?"

"Rafael, I think he is the dumbest friend I've ever had. The only reason, when one thinks of us during sweating summer is When they are irritated and would it be good? I don't think so."

"Rebecca, don't say that, you know all human being are good at something."

"Yes Rafael,  you're right,  nobody can beat Mark in  Mathematics. He is the best. But when he speaks outside the class room, he is the dumbest friend I could ever have. Every time I say to him, either talk sense or just smile and let it pass."

"Hmmmm. That's a sensible thing. Yes its true, the best way to make us seen is through our words. But all are not that much good with words, try, you can and try a hundred times, but there is always that backward pull, making us feel, what we are real, inside."

"Even if we develop speaking skills from experts?"

"You would perform quite well, no doubt, but, the flair, with which Mark handles Mathematics would never be there, the confidence, with numbers, he has would not be there when he handles with words. But that doesn't mean, that he is flawed."

"Why do you say that Rafael, we all know, that it is naturally imperfect."

"A man is called imperfect, when he has not found what he is good at."

"But what  use does it have Rafael?"

"That is where you gain the confidence, the perfection in where you are not perfect. "

"Wow Rafael, that's a great idea and try to make myself perfect."

"Good, I think, its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until then take care. Bye

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