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Don't Wait To Become A Parent To Love Your Parent

Chapter 42

“Now back to the story,  2Years passed, there was a flaw in the island.”

“Flaw, something missing?”

“Yes, a very important thing was missing in the island.”

“What was it Rafael? Water?”

“No, it was children. There were no children, above the age of four.”

“Really, why was it so. Was there any disease affecting them Rafael?”

“Actually, It was no school. So they all went for education in the mainland. So people couldn’t stay there permanently. They missed their children a lot.”

“Oh!!!! I thought, due to the naughtiness of the children, they might be relieved to put them in a boarding or cousin’s or relative’s house.”

“There is no age to judge a parent."

"Why Rafael?"

"Because you are never to judge a parent, as they brought you to this world, its like the pot criticize the potter. If you are the potter and you hear the pot you made criticize you, what will you do?”

“Naturally break the pot. But Rafael, if they cannot bring them up in their presence, then why should they have children, to let them loose in the jungle of people unknown to us?”

“There are lots of hurts and joys connected with a parent, yes its true.  But just think, if they had not allowed you to be born, they would not have heard any criticism from you. They can enjoy life without you. But they knew the consequences of having children and they wished to give you the best. But circumstance would have forced them to get separated. Do you know, if you feel a cup of hurt, by being separated from your parents, they would feel a bucket of hurt because they cannot see you, they cannot see your smile, tears, happiness, hurts, anger. If you have a cup of sadness for not getting what you wish for, then they would have a bucket of sadness for not getting it for you. In short you are a reason for their sadness.”

“Oh!!!!!! We didn’t think in that way.”

"Yes, because, we have not become a parent. But never wait to become a parent, to understand them. It is always good to be a child and understand your parents, then you would be able to enjoy life from childhood till oldage." All smiled and nodded

“Hmmmm… So don’t criticize or judge your parents. If you are in the boarding school or far away from your home and you feel sad, then be proud, that your parents have given lots of love to feel the difference, to make you sad. So as to feel the difference. Just imagine a life without them. They have their flaws, I wouldn’t say they are the perfect parents and so are we, we too are imperfect. But still, they are parents, who has decided to take care of us, give us food, clothes, shelter, education and above all love. So thank them with your life and not criticize them. If you do, the hurt they get would break your soul, which you wouldn't know and when you come to know about it, it would be too late to mend. Its like the potter breaking the pot.” All nodded.

"We'll remember that and give our utmost love and care and understanding to our parents, Rafael, thank you very much for this advice." All nodded. 
"Good. So back to the story, Isabella requested to Alfonso for a school. Since there were lots of children of the working men and women, it was a necessity, but there wasn’t anybody who was fit to become  teachers. And thus came a batch of new addition to the island, the priest and nuns.”

“Its natural, we all’re studying in their school.” All smiled and  nodded.

"Hmm.. we'll continue this tomorrow. I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                be contd...{43}
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