Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Blame, Take It In Your Stride

Chapter - 24

“Alfonso smiled delighted, “That’s a relief. I got a bit worried about the Amulet. ” All nodded.

“Now don’t you want to know, what happened when we left from here?”

“Yes son, that would be nice. I really would like to know every minute detail.” All nodded.

“But before I start the story, I should thank you, Isabella for your timely assistance.”

“Me? What did I do, except giving my amulet to you?”

“That is what saved us all or else we would have been fishes in the sea.”

“Fishes, you are not joking, right?

:No, Isabella, it’s truth. But except for me, all the others turned to fishes.”

“ What happened?” All were ears and sat on edge of their chairs, to hear clearly.”

“After we left here , we reached our ship. We had the perfect climate and the right wind for sailing peacefully, when we reached in a place our ship sank into the ocean.”

“What!!!!!!!! you got drowned?” Isabella asked wide eyed

“So our ship is lost captain?”

“Yes, Sanjo, our ship is deep in the waters. But we have a fleet of 20 ships instead of one.”

“Really!!!!! Wow!!! That’s superb, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes Mark, Its really wonderful but its not a thought of wonder.”

“Sometimes, the return of our services rendered to others  is more weird than fiction. Its simply unbelievable but for sure you would get the gift of what you had given. But there is a sad part, sometimes, you really have to go through many a hardship, which can break us easily. But if you persist, you would gain more than you had bargained for.”

“But why the hardship, Rafael, why can’t the dividends be given directly?”

“Great question Ajay. This is to prove that we are not perfect human beings, while we do good, we might also have done bad, knowingly or unknowingly, for that too we will have to get the dividends and that is what we are getting in the form of hardships. So don’t blame anybody, for getting the hardships, just take it in your stride and strengthen yourself, with the soul, united with God, or else we would surely break, and in this story, there was a prayer and an amulet of Isabella. But still, Alfonso had to go through the hardships and mental agony, likewise each and everyone has to go through many hardship and mental agony for whatever we have done, with or without amulet, with or without prayer. So when you get the unexpected both good or bad, just mark, that you have been repaid and do not point your fingers to others saying, it was because of him that you are suffering. It is because of ourselves we are suffering.” All nodded.

“OK back to the story, Alfonso recited, how the Talisman got disappeared when he wore it, how his ship sunk and the gold scattered all over the ocean floor, how he heard a fish speak and how they spoke with thoughts and how he met the princess and the conditions, until he reached the old woman to meet the hermit.”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 25

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