Monday, April 22, 2013

Do We Really Need To Go To School?

Chapter  - 44
"So what happened Rafael? Did they start a school"

"Yes surely they started the school, Ajay."

"But Rafael, is school so important? I really like to go to school only to play with my friends, I just do not understand, why we have to study, Rafael. Life would have been far better, without studies, isn't it Rafael?"

"Well, when we are kids, yes. But do you know, why we have to study?"

"No Rafael, Its better you say. I hope we have a genuine reason."

"The first human beings learned everything by experience, most of them were not very easy for them. It was trial and error, they had to learn from the very scratch. They didn't know anything, but what they learned like, for example, if you touch fire, it will burn, etc... etc..If they do not say it, then what would be the result?"

"We should learn, the same way they learned, naturally."

"And the Result?"

"Cave Man for sure."

"Exactly and you will never have the luxury of a good home, dresses, television, etc."

"So what do you think, do we need school?"

"Yes, Rafael, we need school."

"Good reply Rebecca, but there is one thing you should do. "

"What is it Rafael?"

"You are unique, you are a human being, you are the powerhouse of intelligence."

"Why do you say all this Rafael?"

"Because you are entitled to make a difference to the society, with the knowledge passed on to you."

"But Rafael, all have been invented or discovered, then what is left for us to find."

"Never ever think, that everything has been discovered or invented, there is something left for you to be discovered or to be invented because, that is what you are here for, to make a difference. So learn properly and bring out the genius of you."

"Wow!!!!  Rafael, just imagine, me discovering something."

"Don't go dumbstruck, you all are capable of it."

"No wonder, you became a scientist."

"Its not by choice, but its a destiny we fulfill, if we study properly. So would you be able to study, wholeheartedly?"

"Yes Rafael, we'll surely learn properly, from today onwards."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it." be contd...(45)

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