Monday, April 8, 2013

Destined Tool

Chapter 31

"Hey Mark, How's your mom?"

"Not so well. But she is picking up."


"So what is today's programme?"

"Well, why don't we continue the story Rafael?"

"OK, fine, no problem."

"So we ended where Alfonso got a whole island, without much problem."

"That's right. But there was a problem with the island. It didn't produce anything or it didn't have any people to work."

"Then what is the use with it Rafael?"

"Well, when a thing comes to the hands of the right owners, it would start working wonders. It would get life."

"But how can that be possible Rafael?"

"Its simple. I told you before, we have a goal to fulfill, that is why we are born.So the things that are connected with the goal, when it reaches our hands starts to work extra time to help us fulfill in reaching our goal."

"So the island was one means to reach Alfonso's goal. So it started working wonders."

"Rafael, how do we know, the things that we use, are for us, like, whether it is connected with our destiny."

"Simple, it'd be less problematic and if a problem arise, just tinkering with our own two hands is enough to get it right." All nodded, smiling.

"Thanks Rafael, that was a great tip."
"Sorry Rafael, I'll have to go home. Can we stop now." All nodded

Until Then, Take care Bye.

Meena be contd... Chapter 32

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