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Choose Friends Wisely

Chapter 35

“Were they able to build a township Rafael?”
“Yes they built a large township and when the first township was ready. Alfonso  gave a long vacation for the workers and set a date for their return and paid their wages and brought them all in his ships to the main land. Since the only family Alfonso had was Dr. Martin and Isabella, the crew returned to the mainland and to |Dr. Martin’s place. Isabella was very happy to see Alfonso. Seeing her happiness, Dr. Martin understood that his daughter had found her mate in Alfonso. And he knew that Alfonso was a good man too and he would take good care of Isabella, but if Alfonso doesn’t love her, then, it is no use for Isabella to wait for Alfonso. So he decided to test Alfonso to know how he felt about Isabella. So one day while they were having breakfast, Dr. Martin asked, “Alfonso, I have been thinking about my hospital, which we had planned to construct here in the main land.” All nodded
“Since you people are mostly on the island, do you think, it’s a good idea to build one here when it is most essential there on your island?” All nodded smiling.”
“Since I already have a clinic, I do have full hands, but for Isabella, she is young and she has years of practice to do, so I feel, she should join you people on the island, what do you think?” All nodded vigorously. Isabella’s eyes widened with surprise, her heart missed a beat, she was hearing what she had been wishing for months”
Alfonso cleared his throat and spoke gravely, “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Dr. She is young, that is right, but don’t you think, she would wilt away her life just doing service. She should have a family and children and be with them and not with us. If she connects with us, her reputation would be maligned.”
“Rafael, is it true that when we mingle with bad company we too become bad?”
“Yes its true, even though we might feel, that we are strong enough not to get the bad habits, it gets into our system unknowingly bringing bad reputation.”
“But Rafael, how can you say so surely?”
“Look around you Ajay, we usually do not keep rotten tomato with the good ones, why?”
“Because, that too goes bad quickly.”
“Exactly . We place perfume bottles in our shelves, why?”
“To get the scent on our dresses.”
“Yes you are right Monica, that is the same rule which happens to human beings, they too get  the characters of the other person, whom they always and regularly mingle with both knowingly and unknowingly. So it is very important when we select our friends and with whom we plan to be. So try to choose your friends wisely. Now back to the story, hearing the words, Isabella couldn’t believe her ears. How can Alfonso say such cruel words to her.”
“That is sad isn’t it Rafael?”
“Well, that shows the quality of Alfonso. He knows, that the people think bad of him and Isabella should not get bad reputation because of him. So what does that mean, when do such feelings come, like caring, understanding, helping, all such emotions?”
“When a person is in love?”
“Exactly, that was proof enough for Dr. Martin.” He smiled widely and nodded.
"I think, its time to leave." All nodded. be contd...{36}

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