Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can We Do It?

Chapter 39

“Rafael, what happened to Alfonso?”

“Well after marriage, Isabella accompanied her husband, Alfonso to the island. At first it was not very easy. She was used to so much luxury, that she missed a lot of things, which she knew was not easy to come by because each and everything had to be brought from the mainland and it took time. So she decided to make use of her little skills as well as the skills of the crew and the work force to get it done,”

“What was it that brought out her skills?”

“Materials, for clothes, for hospital, for everything. Since there were lots of things which needed cloth, Isabella decided to starting a weaving mill.”

“But Rafael, how can that be possible?”

“First we should know, that anything and everything is possible, if we put our mind into it.” All nodded.

“ You know when we decide we make a decision, what is the first thought that comes to mind?”

“Can we do it.”

“Exactly, the first thing that comes to mind is, can we do it and then the fire gets lighted to the cracker chain of all indecisions, many reasons come into mind saying, “Its quite impossible and then at last we drop the decision because it is unachievable.” All nodded smiling.

“You are right Rafael, its what exactly happens. But why is it like that?”

“Decisions are taken for our own good, its from our own being. Now when new year comes, we all make new year resolution and would you be able to keep it?”

“No Rafael, never.”

“Yes, its next to impossible because, our mind has taken control of our person to break that resolution. If you are able to break that mind and overcome all the obstacles and thoughts and tiredness and what all things that block in fulfilling your resolution or your decision, then you have won the first round fight with the mind. Then it would be far easier a journey for you.”

“How would that be Rafael?”

“Then you will know the trick of controlling the mind and when know why the mind is doing all these to stop you from getting the eternal happiness, love and peace then you could conquer the mind easily.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
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