Friday, April 12, 2013

Be United

Chapter 34

“Rafael so what happened to the island? Was it of any use? They started a township, that was what you told. But how could that be possible without people?”
“Alfonso advertised in the local newspapers and by word of mouth and especially Dr. Martin who recommended many a people to the island.  Alfonso used all his resources and his ships to bring the work force, necessary materials  to the island and gave them good wages.”
“I feel that they might be like they were in the moon, isn’t it Rafael? Only the work force and no neighbours.”
“Hmm. They were away from home for sure  and their life was far luxurious than they could imagine. They were truthful and dedicated too. They had full faith in Alfonso and all the crew members too joined forces as it was a joint venture.”
“Oh!!!!!!!!! That’ really good isn’t it Rafael?”
“Yes, its always good to be together than separated.”
“When we look at nature look at the trees, its not a single leaf or a single flower or a single root, the rivers, the seas, the ocean, the little drops make it as rivers, seas and oceans, the mountains, the soil, the stones, rocks, etc, brings out a big mountain. So we find, it’s all a group of something and that is what bring the beauty to all these things in nature - the togetherness.”
“But how can we become together when we are only one person, Rafael?”
“We are not one, we are part of a one, Rebecca. Look at our body, there are lots of things that make us one single person. Just like that, we are also part of One Supreme God, our soul and that soul should be united with other souls to become one with God and the joining factor is Love.”
“In short we should be united to bring the beauty of God, isn’t it Rafael?”
“Exactly Ajay, we are beautiful as a person but to enhance it we should be united with God, then it would be multiplied many folds.” All nodded.  
"I think, its time to leave." All nodded. be contd...{35}

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