Friday, April 19, 2013

Accommodate Others

Chapter 41

“Rafael, what do you think of life’s best things?”

“Well can I revert that question to you Ajay, what is your life’s best thing?”

“Well for me good food, video games and a super duper car.”

“But not for me Rafael, I like to have a very good book, lots of chocolates, ice creams and a good place to sit and read.”

“Thank you Rebecca, that was enlightening. So now, you got the answer Ajay, different people has different idea of Life’s best thing.”

“But Rafael, if everyone has a different view of life’s best things, then that would create a problem, don’t you think Rafael?”

“How can that be Rebecca?”

“When I feel, ice creams are one of life’s good things and share it with others and if he really hates it, then that would be a cause of dislike.”

“Yes, its true, first time, they would tolerate, the second time, they would bear, the third time, they would erupt, that’s natural and that is the speciality of society. It starts in a family, and that is where we learn the basic manners and basic knowledge of the different types of people, different likes and dislikes, different attitudes and aspirations and from there we learn to live much more peaceably because, no one likes to fight. So in order to avoid it, we naturally deny ourselves the pleasure of ice cream or video games, etc.. to make others happy, am I right kids?”

“Too right Rafael, I do not know how many times, I had to give my brother my laptop to play.” All nodded.
“So in order to live peacefully, try to accommodate others too in your lives.”

“But Rafael, we might forego all our pleasures for others, but inside us, we would start hating that person, for denying us our likes. How do we overcome that?”

“Good question Mark, there is a law in this nature, what is for us, would always come to us, no matter, who blocks it or stops it. It is ours for the taking and there is a quantity too for that and it is the same for others too. If we take more than our share, then we would naturally lose what is not ours and along with it, what was ours too. So the part when we have to share with others come, just think of this rule of nature, the share you give it to your sibling or to your friend, is not in any way denying anything you have but in fact it has been entitled to the other person, but the perk of giving wholeheartedly will get you an added bonus, in some other way. So try not to feel hurt, just because you are giving something to others. Accommodate them and your life would be far far better than you can imagine and you feel more impressed of yourself.” All nodded

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                be contd...{42}
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