Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Think - I Wish I Was Dead

"Rafael, today I met my best friend, while we went shopping and he too had come for shopping,  the whole family was there, but when I saw his sister,  I had the shock of my life."

"Why what happened? Did she meet with an accident? "

"Well, I didn't get much time to speak about her, but I surely asked him, is something wrong with his sister and he became silent for sometime and then he pulled me to a corner and  whispered, "My sister wishes to die. The first thing that she says to God in prayer is, "Oh No not again, why do you not take me. You know I do not want to live. What will I do living here. You do not give me what I wish and you do not appreciate my service too. Then what use do you have of me other than burden?"

"But Mark, how did he hear this prayer?"

"Even I too exactly asked the same question and he said, they share the same bedroom and she usually prays loudly, thinking that he is asleep, but in fact, he wakes up hearing this prayer. First, he found it funny, but as time passed, she withdrew into a shell of her own. That is when he informed his parents."

"Ohhh..... how sad, but that's terrible.  Sometimes, I too feel the same, Rafael. But why does it happen? Is it wrong, Rafael?

"Let me answer the last, yes it's very much wrong to wish death, because we are deathless.Do you know, what  does that mean, you are requesting to change the basic foundation of creation."

"What does that mean Rafael? "

"We are the drop of God soul, and we have all the qualities of God. Its a privilege, a gift for us from the creator Himself."

"But Rafael,  if we are the drop of God soul, then why don't we feel like living?"

"When God created man, he also gave us the power of decision. But we didn't know, the consequences of wrong decisions. That is where we made the mistake and when we are in mistake, then our inner light goes off, filling us in darkness bringing a sense of hopelessness inside us, leading  to a slow death. So, wishing for death, is what we do."

"But Rafael, what happens to the good done by us?"

"When we wish for death, it blocks anything that gives life.And not only that, you are a dead person. You only stink, not grow."

"Oops... that's terrible." All nodded.

"Yes it is. But that is our decision to wish for death."

"But Rafael, how can we overcome this situation?"

"We are human beings, we have a tendency to make mistakes and you have the power to either avoid it or rectify it. The choice is yours. . Remember you are not alone in your existence, you have a powerful companion, in this life and all the lifetimes you have, God the creator ."

"But Rafael,   then why are we unable to know God's presence?"

"Because we have lost hope and faith, then there is no need for any companion. You are all alone.  But if you believe that God could guide you, then your heart would be filled with hope, then naturally, the roads that lead to light would get opened.  So better think twice, when you wish for death." All nodded.

"One more thing," All looked expectantly at Rafael,  "Anyway you are born, you cannot change your destiny regarding death, then why waste time and energy for the unachievable?" All smiled. "So for a change take that wish and strength to show yourself, that you can make a winner of your life by living it to the full, no matter what you're facing.  Would you be able to do that?" All nodded.

"Good,  that is the spirit. So don't lose hope and faith, everything would turn out fine in the end because, that too is part of our creation, the end should always be happily ever after." All nodded and smiled.

"Thank you Rafael,  the ending part really brings hope." Rafael smiled and nodded.

" I think its time to say bye. We will meet tomorrow. " All nodded.

Until then take care, bye.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Make A Big Deal With Your Smile

"Rafael, today a man smiled at me."

"Ajay, what's so big deal about that? "

"I know there is nothing, but I was totally alone on the road and he had no need to smile at me, but still he smiled, and I felt like I was valued, respected and more than that I felt special" All smiled and nodded.

"Wow!!!!! That's simply awesome. I have not thought about it in that sense Rafael.  But it's simply a good feeling isn't it Rafael? "

"Hmmm. Smile holds lots of things. But do you know when you smile? "

"When we are happy?"

"Yes, when we are happy and when our heart is filled with love. Smile is the first expression of love and its the best too."

"Why do you say that Rafael,  the best? "

"Its inexpensive, no flowers or gifts can excel in its beauty. No cards or letters can overcome the depth of words spoken through the smile. "

"But Rafael, why do you say all these?"

"When Ajay received a smile,  look what all he felt? " All nodded.

"So when you smile at someone, you bring all these expression to another person. How do you feel? "

"In seventh heaven. Its simply great isn't it guys? " All nodded.

"And other than that, this feeling returns to you. And these feelings  produces several hormones, that would retain the youthfullness thus reducing wrinkles that make up our age."

"So remember when you smile it holds lots of perks to help you live a fruitful and contented life. So try to smile at least once a day and then a two and a three. Then you know the rest because it is a chain reaction. It will pass on holding each heart tightly with a smile bringing hope and strengthening the bond of relationships with love with a simple smile."

"Thank you Rafael.  I think, I'd be very happy,  when I smile again." All nodded.

"O. K. I think,  its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until then, take care



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Either Talk Sense Or Just Smile and Let it Pass

"Thinking of you on a sunny afternoon."

"Really! That's a privileged, Rebecca."

"Oh!!!! What an idiot you are, Mark."

"Why? Did I say something wrong?"

"Rafael, I think he is the dumbest friend I've ever had. The only reason, when one thinks of us during sweating summer is When they are irritated and would it be good? I don't think so."

"Rebecca, don't say that, you know all human being are good at something."

"Yes Rafael,  you're right,  nobody can beat Mark in  Mathematics. He is the best. But when he speaks outside the class room, he is the dumbest friend I could ever have. Every time I say to him, either talk sense or just smile and let it pass."

"Hmmmm. That's a sensible thing. Yes its true, the best way to make us seen is through our words. But all are not that much good with words, try, you can and try a hundred times, but there is always that backward pull, making us feel, what we are real, inside."

"Even if we develop speaking skills from experts?"

"You would perform quite well, no doubt, but, the flair, with which Mark handles Mathematics would never be there, the confidence, with numbers, he has would not be there when he handles with words. But that doesn't mean, that he is flawed."

"Why do you say that Rafael, we all know, that it is naturally imperfect."

"A man is called imperfect, when he has not found what he is good at."

"But what  use does it have Rafael?"

"That is where you gain the confidence, the perfection in where you are not perfect. "

"Wow Rafael, that's a great idea and try to make myself perfect."

"Good, I think, its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until then take care. Bye

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fight Alzheimers Now

"Rafael, my friend lost his identity."

"What does that mean Mark, 'Lost hs identity?"

"Well, he lost his memory, he was only 53. But now he doesn't remember anything, not even me. He only remembers, how to play carroms, but that too he forgets in the middle and just walks off. They say he is suffering from Alzheimers Disease."

"Oh that's sad. Who is there to look after him?"

"Though his children are there, they have put him in a hospital."

"Hmmmm, for safety, that is the better place, if all the family has jobs to go, anything can happen."

"But he was so energetic, how did this happen? Why does this happen?"

"Well scientifically, because of non use of brain, the brain, gets plaque and tangles resulting in that part of the brain to die. But there is one thing you will have to know, if you had not let your brain idle, then, I can gurantee, that no Alzheimers could touch your brain."

"How can we keep our brain active Rafael, seeing my friend, I really do not want me or any of my friends, to be like that."

"Good thought, first and foremost, do not lose heart when failures come your way. Life is not an easy path. Never expect all your friends would stand by you at all times. They can make a decision." All nodded."Sometimes, it would be hurtful to you. At that time, believe, life is not made up of just friends and cheaters, there are lots of people out there, who is out there to help you, guide you and pat you on the shoulders, to encourage you. Then there are situation, where you would miss several opportunities by failing in exams, competitions, etc..Then believe that, life is not this competition, there are hoardes of competition and this failure, showed us where we had made a mistake. So when th real competition come, we have more chances to win, than the others."ll nodded.

"So what does this has to do with the disease Rafael?"

" I am going to say a story about a lady who became an Alzheimer's patient at the age of 30."

"You are kidding, aren't you Rafael?"

"No, I'm not Raj. She was married, had two kids too, very smart children. But there was a problem in her family life. Her husband ill treated her daily. He had clout. He was well liked by all and he was good with words. But at home he was number 1 bastard. This lady tolerated all these misery singlehandedly, there was no one to share. She swallowed it and at first, there was nothing amiss. She used to do all the work. Even though the children were there, they too taunted like their father as a joke, not seriously."

"How sad."

"Yes it was sad, she lost all hope of living. She started sitting idly, doing nothing. She sometimes totally forgot to prepare lunch or breakfast. All shouted at her, but she just heard it and let it pass, because nothing registered. It was at this time, her mother-in-law, aged 70 arrived and she too had the beginning of Alzheimers."

"Wow!!!!!!!! what is it Rafael?"

"Well, the daughter-in-law was silent, but the mother-in-law was talkative."

"That's good, what did they have to talk about, Rafael?"

"Very straightforward, the mother-in-law remembered only her past, when she was married and the ill treatment she received from her husband."

"Wow!!!!! What a coincidence, isn't it Rafael?"

"We can say it might be destiny. Hearing all the hurts her mother-in-law had to face, something of a shock registered in daughter-in-law's mind."

"She wanted to write all the experiences of her mother-in-law. So something interesting ignited in th daughter-in-law. She started writing, at first, she wrote her mother's experience, then slowly her oen experience and that was a small opening for the daughter-in-law. Before long the mother-in-law passed away, but living behind a new life and from then onwards, there was something creative, to stimulate the brain of the daughter-in-law. But the only advice I have for you children is, "Never lose hope."That is when you do not wish to live and thus shutting down your brain for no activity, creating Alzheimers." All nodded.

"Life is to be lived because you are here to fulfill many commitments and not shirk it. For that you will have to face several failures and hurts, that is part of our existence, but along with that there are lots of winnings and joyful experiences, don't overlook it, because, that is the only way to bring light to the darkened life. So hold the lamp of hope and not any incidents or people or circumstance overcome you. Just forgive and forget. You are leaders, you are winners, you can conquer a thousand mountain everest, if you put your heart into it, then  why worry about  small problems and small people."

"But Rafael, what happens to our body, if we overcome this hurdle by overcoming hurts by forgiving and forgetting?"

"Hope and Happiness produce  life giving hormones to our body. They are life  boosters, energizers."

"And what about forgiveness?"

"Forgiveness is connected to love and when we forgive it heals the hurt both bodily, psycologically and love sprouts new life. That is what the daughter-in-law got from her mother-in-law, the power to forgive and forget bringing new hope and thereby happiness. So when someone hurts you, just smile at them because you are a power house of love and life, Bear that in mind and live happily ever after." All nodded and smiled.

See you tomorrow.

Until Then Take  Care.



Friday, April 26, 2013

The Root Cause of All Unhappiness

"Rafael, you spoke about one source of unhappiness, is there any more?"

"Raj, you are a baby, in fact you children has not yet seen even the tip of the iceberg."

"What does that mean Rafael?"

"Man is always unhappy, unhappy because he doesn't have food, dress, home, sickness, bad neighbour, home leaking, too much cold, too much hot, no electricity, etc.....There is no end to unhappiness."

"So in fact we do not have an exact answer for another cause of unhappiness."

"Well I wouldn't say that, we can give the answer in a word."

"Oh Really!!!!!!!!!  What would that word be Rafael?"



"Yes, want, when you need something and if you do not get it, you feel unhappy. Am I right?"

"Yes you are perfectly right. How come I did not think of it in such a way. Its really simple isn't it?"

"Yes it is, but no one is aware of it."

"Now we know the cause of all unhappiness. So what should we do to reduce it, Rafael?"

"Simple, Reduce want and you will be happy."

"Thanks Rafael, we'll try and hope we'd be successful in this."

"Good, that's the spirit. Anyway try it because you have this moment to utilize." All smiled.

" I think, its time to say bye." All nodded.

Until then take care, Bye


Thursday, April 25, 2013

One of The Sources of Unhappiness

"Rafael, if we find the right job and if we are happy, then why are these people not happy? Why are they cheaters and are not comitteed or dedicated?"

"Yes Rebecca, you itself told the answer, they have not found the right job. Its that simple."

"But how come they didn't choose the right job?"

"Usually, there are many reasons for not finding the right job, th first and foremost is circumstance and the next is destiny. In both the cases, no one can do anything."

"But Rafael, that's really unfair, if we do not have any say in our matters, then how can we choose the right job?"

"Its all our fault, children, we are the people who make destiny, So what we got from destiny or circumstance is our own making"

"But Rafael, how did we got these?"

You had blocked somebody else's circumstance or the good fortune  and that returned to you. "

"But, how did we block all these, Rafael?"

"When you do it, it might be small small acts, which you found it as a joke or not even given a thought."

"Can you give an example Rafael?"

"Yes sure, Ajay. When your friend is making a plan to ask his parents to buy him a new bicycle and you as a joke says to his parents, that it is not necessary. He is not studying in school properly and the planned cycle is cancelled. So the same opportunity, which you had denied to your friend, would be denied to you doubly. So never try to deny anything for anybody. Then your circumstances would be much open to your wishes and your destiny would be much more promising than you have expected." All nodded

"So promise me, that you would use your words as well as actions to help others in fulfilling their dreams. Then your dreams would be fulfilled and destiny cleared." All nodded.

"Yes Rafael, we promise."

"Good, Now its time to say bye."

Take care and Be happy .



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Find The Right Job - Then Its Leisure Lifelong

Chapter - 46

"Rafael, so they started school, now what?"

"They were given the best building,  one could imagine"

"Why what's the speciality, Rafael?"

"It was fit for a college, with all the amenities and the students were far better than the teacher had expected."

"Oh!!!! That' s a relief, isn't it Rafael?"

"Children, there is one thing you should know, when you love what you do, there is not a problem of difficulty or tiredness or relief, the more complicated the work, the more enjoyment you'd have with the work."

"But I have thought that work is a bore because most of the people go for holidays to cool the system because of hard work."

"If you love the work you do then there is no difference between enjoyment and work."

"But Rafael, how do we find that type of job?"

"Its simple, try to find, which subject you enjoy more."

"Can I tell you a truth Rafael?"

"Sure Mark, what is it?"

"Until now, I haven't found any subjects I love, then how am I going to find the righ job?"

"One thing you should know, every human being excels in one subject, no matter, whether there are 100 billion or 1000 billion people on this Earth, this nature and the universe in which we live is a galore of information, waiting for a Mark or Mathew or Ajay or Raj or Monica or Rebecca to unlock its secret. But for that we should gain an interest in the right subject and then you would be the genius in that field."

"Really Rafael? I love to hear it. But Rafael, how would we become the best? Please say it in detail." All nodded eagerly.

"Its easy, just find the right subject you love to hear, you are not tired of hearing, even after the subject teacher leaves class after teaching that subject and you think about it most of the time, both sleeping and waking hours. You complete all the home work of that subject on time or before time and you know the answers to whatever questions you are asked of that subject and if you have any doubts, you won't be able to sit idly until you get the answer. That is the subject you love, you'd excel. Have you found a subject like that?"

"Yes Rafael, I have, its computer for me. I love that subject and I'm a whiz at it."

"Good Raj, then you will have to follow it, that is when you would find out many ways to make it more user friendly, more innovative ideas would be brought out and that is when everyone recognizes it. You spend most of your waking and sleeping time in forming several ideas. If you see gret scientist, innovators, they do not have any free time. You might say, they are workaholic. But in real life, they are having leisure, lifelong."

"Oh!!!!!!!!!! Rafael, its simply cool isn't it?"

"Yes its cool, but you can be cool by finding the right job. So just be on the look out fr the right subject and then your life would be far easier than you can imagine." All nodded.

"Thank you Rafae. I'll surely look for my right subject and then I'll find the right job." All nodded.

"Good, that's the spirit. Now I think, its time to stop, we'll meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then take care, Bye


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teachers Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do Your Duty Properly..

Chapter - 45

"So children, Who is this, why don't you introduce me to your new friend?"
"Rafael, this is Raj, my brother. He has come home for holidays."

"Glad to meet you Raj."

"Rafael, I have been hearing about you so much, that it is indeed a great privilege to meet you." They shook hands and all sat on the lawn.

"Now how about we continue, with our story?" All nodded.
"The teachers arrived with great expectation, to make a diiference in the life of the children."

"But Rafael, I thought, teachers duty is to only teach, give home works, test papers and punishments." All smiled and nodded.

"As a student there is a duty to learn, likewise, the teachers has a duty to give them education and if they do not give them, then they would be responsible for each student, they had not educated and they would begiven the death sentence of life."

"What does that mean, death sentence, Rafael?"

"They have already nipped the bud of new bloom. Children are like small buds, their education is their lifeline and the children, when they are denied what they had come to school for just because of the school teacher, then they are actually killing the children, not one, but the whole class."

"Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I understand, for killing the lives of so many children, they would surely get the death sentence, but from whom? Nobody knows it only the teacher knows and no one else."

"Yes, that is where we are mistaken Rebecca, we feel, no one sees any of our actions, but our actions are marked by our own soul and each death would be marked and it would return to the teacher in great force."

"But Rafael, I really cannot imagine what the teacher has in store of his life."

"Be sure Monica, the teacher would have a nightmare of his life because, that is a simple truth, there is no need for anyone to see or punish him for his actions. The verdict has already been passed by his own soul and mark my word, the teacher would have to pay for even a small full stop, when he starts paying for his actions. So that is why, the teachers of Alfonso, who came to the island, had an aim to make a difference in the life of the children."All nodded.

"Its not for only teacher, but for all people who have committed to fulfill a work, has to make a difference." All nodded.

" I think, its time to say bye." All nodded.

.......to be contd..(46)

Until then take care,



Monday, April 22, 2013

Do We Really Need To Go To School?

Chapter  - 44
"So what happened Rafael? Did they start a school"

"Yes surely they started the school, Ajay."

"But Rafael, is school so important? I really like to go to school only to play with my friends, I just do not understand, why we have to study, Rafael. Life would have been far better, without studies, isn't it Rafael?"

"Well, when we are kids, yes. But do you know, why we have to study?"

"No Rafael, Its better you say. I hope we have a genuine reason."

"The first human beings learned everything by experience, most of them were not very easy for them. It was trial and error, they had to learn from the very scratch. They didn't know anything, but what they learned like, for example, if you touch fire, it will burn, etc... etc..If they do not say it, then what would be the result?"

"We should learn, the same way they learned, naturally."

"And the Result?"

"Cave Man for sure."

"Exactly and you will never have the luxury of a good home, dresses, television, etc."

"So what do you think, do we need school?"

"Yes, Rafael, we need school."

"Good reply Rebecca, but there is one thing you should do. "

"What is it Rafael?"

"You are unique, you are a human being, you are the powerhouse of intelligence."

"Why do you say all this Rafael?"

"Because you are entitled to make a difference to the society, with the knowledge passed on to you."

"But Rafael, all have been invented or discovered, then what is left for us to find."

"Never ever think, that everything has been discovered or invented, there is something left for you to be discovered or to be invented because, that is what you are here for, to make a difference. So learn properly and bring out the genius of you."

"Wow!!!!  Rafael, just imagine, me discovering something."

"Don't go dumbstruck, you all are capable of it."

"No wonder, you became a scientist."

"Its not by choice, but its a destiny we fulfill, if we study properly. So would you be able to study, wholeheartedly?"

"Yes Rafael, we'll surely learn properly, from today onwards."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it."

......to be contd...(45)

Until Then,

Take care, Bye


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Can You Love Your Enemy?

Chapter 43

“Rafael, did you know, what happened today, one of my enemies, smashed my instrument box.”

“Say thank you to your enemy.”

“Rafael, you are really crazy, how can I thank him, when he broke my instrument box.”

“You know, when some things happen, its usually for a purpose. How long have you been using this box, Mathew?”

“More than three years, but that’s not the point Rafael.”

“Well put it this way, you have been using this box for the past three years and how many times have you been thinking of changing the box for the past three years?”

“Several times, but still.”

“Then why but still Mathew, you were not able to dispose it and your soul decided it for you, it fulfilled your wish, throw the box in the waste basket. It just happened to be your worst enemy, who did the favour for you. So don’t lose any sleep or sweat over that, I think there is a new brand of geometry box in the book shop.”

“But how did you know that, Rafael?”

“I didn’t know, but your soul knew it. So don’t be angry with your enemy, thank him and shake hands with him. It will be a surprise for him too.”

“Thank you Rafael, you really helped me a lot. I was just thinking, if it was my friend, I’d have done just what you have told, but now I know, it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a friend or enemy, who breaks, it was my wish that was fulfilled. I’ll do what you have told, tomorrow itself.”

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{44}
Until then take care



Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don't Wait To Become A Parent To Love Your Parent

Chapter 42

“Now back to the story,  2Years passed, there was a flaw in the island.”

“Flaw, something missing?”

“Yes, a very important thing was missing in the island.”

“What was it Rafael? Water?”

“No, it was children. There were no children, above the age of four.”

“Really, why was it so. Was there any disease affecting them Rafael?”

“Actually, It was no school. So they all went for education in the mainland. So people couldn’t stay there permanently. They missed their children a lot.”

“Oh!!!! I thought, due to the naughtiness of the children, they might be relieved to put them in a boarding or cousin’s or relative’s house.”

“There is no age to judge a parent."

"Why Rafael?"

"Because you are never to judge a parent, as they brought you to this world, its like the pot criticize the potter. If you are the potter and you hear the pot you made criticize you, what will you do?”

“Naturally break the pot. But Rafael, if they cannot bring them up in their presence, then why should they have children, to let them loose in the jungle of people unknown to us?”

“There are lots of hurts and joys connected with a parent, yes its true.  But just think, if they had not allowed you to be born, they would not have heard any criticism from you. They can enjoy life without you. But they knew the consequences of having children and they wished to give you the best. But circumstance would have forced them to get separated. Do you know, if you feel a cup of hurt, by being separated from your parents, they would feel a bucket of hurt because they cannot see you, they cannot see your smile, tears, happiness, hurts, anger. If you have a cup of sadness for not getting what you wish for, then they would have a bucket of sadness for not getting it for you. In short you are a reason for their sadness.”

“Oh!!!!!! We didn’t think in that way.”

"Yes, because, we have not become a parent. But never wait to become a parent, to understand them. It is always good to be a child and understand your parents, then you would be able to enjoy life from childhood till oldage." All smiled and nodded

“Hmmmm… So don’t criticize or judge your parents. If you are in the boarding school or far away from your home and you feel sad, then be proud, that your parents have given lots of love to feel the difference, to make you sad. So as to feel the difference. Just imagine a life without them. They have their flaws, I wouldn’t say they are the perfect parents and so are we, we too are imperfect. But still, they are parents, who has decided to take care of us, give us food, clothes, shelter, education and above all love. So thank them with your life and not criticize them. If you do, the hurt they get would break your soul, which you wouldn't know and when you come to know about it, it would be too late to mend. Its like the potter breaking the pot.” All nodded.

"We'll remember that and give our utmost love and care and understanding to our parents, Rafael, thank you very much for this advice." All nodded. 
"Good. So back to the story, Isabella requested to Alfonso for a school. Since there were lots of children of the working men and women, it was a necessity, but there wasn’t anybody who was fit to become  teachers. And thus came a batch of new addition to the island, the priest and nuns.”

“Its natural, we all’re studying in their school.” All smiled and  nodded.

"Hmm.. we'll continue this tomorrow. I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{43}
Until then take care



Friday, April 19, 2013

Accommodate Others

Chapter 41

“Rafael, what do you think of life’s best things?”

“Well can I revert that question to you Ajay, what is your life’s best thing?”

“Well for me good food, video games and a super duper car.”

“But not for me Rafael, I like to have a very good book, lots of chocolates, ice creams and a good place to sit and read.”

“Thank you Rebecca, that was enlightening. So now, you got the answer Ajay, different people has different idea of Life’s best thing.”

“But Rafael, if everyone has a different view of life’s best things, then that would create a problem, don’t you think Rafael?”

“How can that be Rebecca?”

“When I feel, ice creams are one of life’s good things and share it with others and if he really hates it, then that would be a cause of dislike.”

“Yes, its true, first time, they would tolerate, the second time, they would bear, the third time, they would erupt, that’s natural and that is the speciality of society. It starts in a family, and that is where we learn the basic manners and basic knowledge of the different types of people, different likes and dislikes, different attitudes and aspirations and from there we learn to live much more peaceably because, no one likes to fight. So in order to avoid it, we naturally deny ourselves the pleasure of ice cream or video games, etc.. to make others happy, am I right kids?”

“Too right Rafael, I do not know how many times, I had to give my brother my laptop to play.” All nodded.
“So in order to live peacefully, try to accommodate others too in your lives.”

“But Rafael, we might forego all our pleasures for others, but inside us, we would start hating that person, for denying us our likes. How do we overcome that?”

“Good question Mark, there is a law in this nature, what is for us, would always come to us, no matter, who blocks it or stops it. It is ours for the taking and there is a quantity too for that and it is the same for others too. If we take more than our share, then we would naturally lose what is not ours and along with it, what was ours too. So the part when we have to share with others come, just think of this rule of nature, the share you give it to your sibling or to your friend, is not in any way denying anything you have but in fact it has been entitled to the other person, but the perk of giving wholeheartedly will get you an added bonus, in some other way. So try not to feel hurt, just because you are giving something to others. Accommodate them and your life would be far far better than you can imagine and you feel more impressed of yourself.” All nodded

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{42}
Until then take care



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Share Your Self

Chapter 40

“So Rafael, how did Isabella make a cloth factory?”

“She asked Sanjo and Juan’s help for it. They were experts in the tinkering and knick knacks and as errand boys too. They searched for the right person who knew the know how of making a cloth machine. Then they brought the materials to make the machine and from there step by step, they achieved a building to start a factory and the machine was set and weavers were recruited, along with that tailors and there were lots of women work force in that factory, so giving employment for the wives of the men who work in construction and fields.”

“What about hospitals, Rafael?”

“Yes naturally, but with just hospital and without any facility was very difficult. They had already brought the resources to keep them going for 6 months, by then Isabella knew, it was not feasible to always rely on the mainland for everything. So one by one, they set up their own units in the island, as they had enough and more riches, which they used for the betterment of the society than keep it inside banks and inside the houses, which would be of no use to anybody.”

“Do you mean to say Rafael, that what we have we should share with others?”

“Yes, that is what it is for, the beauty of the flower, it shows to everybody, the smile of the baby, its for everybody, the light of the sun, its for all, likewise, our life should be for the betterment of the society and thus bettering our lives in the process.”

“But we are all children, we cannot do anything.”

“There is no age in helping, you can help your parents by obeying them, learning properly, scoring good marks, being good children, helping them by keeping your room neat and tidy. These are small acts, but it makes a lot of difference. Its not necessary you should have money or intelligence or beauty to do good. Just as I told, do the small things and the rest would automatically better your life along with the people around you.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{41}
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can We Do It?

Chapter 39

“Rafael, what happened to Alfonso?”

“Well after marriage, Isabella accompanied her husband, Alfonso to the island. At first it was not very easy. She was used to so much luxury, that she missed a lot of things, which she knew was not easy to come by because each and everything had to be brought from the mainland and it took time. So she decided to make use of her little skills as well as the skills of the crew and the work force to get it done,”

“What was it that brought out her skills?”

“Materials, for clothes, for hospital, for everything. Since there were lots of things which needed cloth, Isabella decided to starting a weaving mill.”

“But Rafael, how can that be possible?”

“First we should know, that anything and everything is possible, if we put our mind into it.” All nodded.

“ You know when we decide we make a decision, what is the first thought that comes to mind?”

“Can we do it.”

“Exactly, the first thing that comes to mind is, can we do it and then the fire gets lighted to the cracker chain of all indecisions, many reasons come into mind saying, “Its quite impossible and then at last we drop the decision because it is unachievable.” All nodded smiling.

“You are right Rafael, its what exactly happens. But why is it like that?”

“Decisions are taken for our own good, its from our own being. Now when new year comes, we all make new year resolution and would you be able to keep it?”

“No Rafael, never.”

“Yes, its next to impossible because, our mind has taken control of our person to break that resolution. If you are able to break that mind and overcome all the obstacles and thoughts and tiredness and what all things that block in fulfilling your resolution or your decision, then you have won the first round fight with the mind. Then it would be far easier a journey for you.”

“How would that be Rafael?”

“Then you will know the trick of controlling the mind and when know why the mind is doing all these to stop you from getting the eternal happiness, love and peace then you could conquer the mind easily.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{40}
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perks For Becoming A Monk

Chapter 38

But Rafael, what happens for the people who go to monastery, they do not have any relationship, they are not married, but still they reach God soul?”

“The best way of life is being ascetic, which means, deny yourself the bodily pleasures.”

“Its easy to say than done, Rafael. I really cannot imagine to stop my craving to ear burgers and pizzas. So when we grow big, God alone knows what all cravings do we have and how are we going to control it.”

“You are right Mark, its not easy to control. Actually this tendency is brought into us through our mind. It always, forces our body to do it again and again and in the end, our heart feels, yes, its true, we would feel happy and fulfills our craving. But if we know the root cause of our craving is the mind, then we are able to put all our cravings under lock and key, so as not to divert us from reaching us to God soul.”

“Why should we reach God soul, Rafael?”

“To be at peace with ourselves, to be happy forever, to be content with ourselves. When we are with God, we do not have any need.”

“Wow!!!! That’s simply superb, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes and if we have the courage to do it singlehandedly like the sages, priests, nuns, monks, etc. then you are very very lucky because he has the power to conquer the universe.”

“That’s weird. How can that be possible Rafael?”

“The energy used for fulfilling our wish is channelized for opening the cage of the soul and freeing it.”

“What energy Rafael?”

“There is nothing physical in this universe, when we divide our physical being, we are all made up of atoms, which we can simply say as energy.”All nodded

“So when we fulfill each need, we use our inner power to fulfill our needs and when all our needs are fulfilled, we would be very far from reaching our goal because, every time we use our inner power and resource, which was in us to reach God to fulfill our physical needs and wishes. But for the monks, nuns, sages, etc…. they do not have any wishes or needs, even though if they have, they just use that energy  to channelize it to gain entry to their soul and release the power from within, which is in itself a store house of power, that is why I told they are lucky. They are the luckiest of the humans. So the best decision is to become a monk or a nun and live a life of eternal happiness. But that doesn’t mean, married life is not good. We have to enter into that life with divine intention and not for bodily  pleasure.” All nodded and smiled.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
                                                                                                                         .....to be contd...{39}
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Marriage - A Necessity?

Chapter 37

“Then what happened Rafael, did Alfonso and Isabella get married?”

“Yes they got married, before long.”

“But Rafael, is it necessary to get married?”

“Man, when born has only one goal, to be united with God, but since they gain a physical form, they lose their goal in the process.”

“How do they lose their goal Rafael?”

“Simple, the soul is locked in the physical body and there the goal too gets blocked, thus losing sight of it.”

“When man is born, he has several basic needs like food, water, air, clothing, then it grows to name, fame and money. But even if we fulfill all the needs to the brim, it would not bring contentment, then man understands, that the missing thing is love and for that, another quest starts, the perfect love, a love which really brings contentment.”

“Do we really get that type of love?”

“In the physical world, we would not get it, but if you are spiritually awaken, you will know, no human being can give you that love, love all giving and understanding and caingand etc.. and etc… But in a small way, people can give, that is when we come of age, we find a soul mate or a partner and give that type of love in the physical way as much as possible. But there is a limitation in the physical love, to gain completeness, we need to link our soul to our existence and that is when we need to be pure, our soul is very very pure. It is the drop of God soul.” All nodded.

“When you marry, we are uniting together two souls to create another drop of God soul through us and it is divine, its like creating another of our own. Its not for our fulfillment of our cravings or filling the gap of nothingness which is inside us, or not for just the fun of being together. This relationship is taking the oath in front of God, that we unite with God   and never take lightly the promise you have given in front of God, that oath is life binding.”

“If we are living in, without marriage, then there is no need to take any oath, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Never ever think of it, the place where our soul reside is very very divine.”

“Why is it like that Rafael?”

“Our soul is the drop of God soul. And it is our duty as Rafael, or Mark or Ajay or Mathew or Rebecca or Monica to keep the place where it resides as pure as possible. So when you live in or get united unnaturally and have all the pleasures your body crave for, you are giving your body, your thoughts, your sensehs, your everything for your bodily needs, which means, you are leasing your body without thought and the end result, you are double locking the soul into your body, where you have no hope of return to meet God soul. And the actions you do in the process, would bring a big dark nothingness in you, never to come out of it. So never ever tink of it. A union when married helps you unlock the door blocking your soul, to bring you boundless happiness. But that is not a very easy process. Any way the choice is yours, whether to get married or lead a life that is similar to a married couple” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave. We’ll discuss this later." All nodded.
.....to be contd...{38}

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Respect Your Soul Mate

Chapter 36

Isabella was dumbstruck when she heard Alfonso saying callously her future and her father was too happy to hear it too. She just wanted to flee from the place.. She wished if she had dropped dead.” Nobody knew what was going through her except Dr. Martin. So he didn’t delay, what he had in mind.”

“What did he do Rafael?”

“He heard everything what Alfonso had to say and smiled and nodded.”

“Yes you are right Alfonso, it is time for her to decide what should she do.” All nodded and Dr. Martin turned to her daughter and asked, “Daughter, what do you think, I tried to persuade Alfonso to take you to the island, what do you think, do you want to get married to a nice man and live a life of utter boredom or accompany Alfonso and become a piratess?” Isabella couldn’t believe her ears.

“Father, are you saying that I can decide between the two evils?”

“Yes, my child, you have a choice, if you want my consent, I’ll give for the second one.” All mouth gaped at Dr. Martin, as if he was talking Gaelic. But Isabella smiled widely and looked directly at Alfonso and spoke, “But father if the pirate doesn’t want my presence or my company, then what am I to do?”

“Then you will have to die a spinster.” Alfonso spluttered his coffee and all the others gasped.”

“But Sir, you cannot force her to join us. She has a very pampered life here and I am totally against denying such luxury. I really would love to have herm not as just a companion but as my friend, my lover and as my wife, but you know my life, I can only guarantee, that I’d take care of her with my life, if she is willing.”

“Now that is decent talk” All smiled. Isabella couldn’t believe how simply Alfonso spoke about his love. Tears started pouring down her eyes. Alfonso got up and walked towards her and took hold of her face and spoke,”Isabella, I am sorry, I hurt you, forget that I ever spoke in such a manner, you are free to marry anyone you love and wiped her tears and turned to go, when Isabella held his hand and spoke,

“Alfonso, you are simply dumb, why should I give you my talisman? I gave you my very life for your safety and still you are apologizing? You are crazy. You are my soulmate.” So saying, she embraced Alfonso tightly.” Alfonso couldn’t contain his happiness. He reciprocated his happiness by raising her up and nuzzling his face in her hair and mumbled, “Thank you Isabella, you gave me a world of happiness.” All the crew stayed open mouthed and Dr. Martin cleared his throat noisily bringing all back to senses.”

“Rafael, is there a thing called soul mate?”

“Yes, there is always a soul mate, a mate where one feels comfortable with the other’s presence. Where both feels, that with the other’s presence only they feel whole. Their silence also speaks volume. There is no need to say anything to make the other person understand.

”To help guide the other soul to God. It has already been destined for us."

"Do everyone have a soul mate?"

"Yes everyone has it, one would feel fulfillment only when the other soul joins. But there is one thing, that we should understand, there is no gender in soul, like boy or girl, in the spiritual sense. So the soul mate can be either boy or girl, that is why some feel comfortable with the same gender and some to the opposite gender."

"Is it why we have gays and lesbians?"

"The difference between physical and spiritual world is, in physical world, we need lots of worldly pleasures to make us happy, like money, name, fame, love and have sexual intercourse. But in spiritual world, there is no need for all these things, we are only souls and we get happiness, only when we are united with God. And the speciality of God is, His love is so deep that if we compare the ocean, it'd be too shallow and the name and fame He gives, if we compare it with the sky high, it'd be too short a distance and when He gives the fortune, if we compare it with the expanse of the universe, its too finite an expanse like a small pond. So never define a person as gay or lesbian, never value a person  in the physical sense, live your life with a thought that you are Spirit, a drop of the God soul, then we would respect any person, whether gay or lesbian or whatever." All nodded.

"But why should we need soul mate?"

" To help lead us to God, and it is very important their presence in our lives, they help us, guide us and above all love us as we are, they are like a small extension of God. So when we find them, we should respect them because, they are God sent people. Now when you are small our parents are our soul mates, then some teachers become our soul mates, friends become our soul mates and in the end, it might be spiritual teachers, husbands & wives, etc…." All nodded.

“I thought soul mates are husband & wives.”

“No Rebecca, the only criteria, which can be given for soul mates is, they love unconditionally. I hope everyone respects your soul mates because they are the key to open the lock of our soul to reach God.” All nodded.

"I think, its time to leave." All nodded.
.....to be contd...{37}

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