Saturday, March 16, 2013

Within Your Privacy

Chapter - 8

“Giving a pouch of gold to both Juan and Sanjo, he turned to Dr. Martin and said, Sir, we’ll try to return at the earliest and don’t feel bad in making Juan and Sanjo work. By the time, I hope you’d heal and start to walk, while I return.”

“Alfonso, I’m glad to hear, you decided to return  and no problem, in asking Juan’s and Sanjo’s help. I’d be glad of their company. But before your departure, I need your help, Alfonso.”

“Speak up sir, what can I do for you?”

“Could you please shift me to my home? I would have my privacy and no one would disturb me there. I know, at this hour no carriage could come our way, but I have only you people to ask.” Alfonso smiled and nodded. He looked at others and all nodded, within no time, the last light was down darkening the clinic and the whole group moved talking and joking.”

“Rafael, what happened?”

“Well, Dr. Martin, was as light as a feather, when compared to Rojer and it was not a big deal to make a Palanquin of Dr’s cot. They passed an iron rod and off they went like going for a picnic.” All smiled.

“Oh!! that’s so sweet of them, really Rafael, Dr. Martin is very lucky to have found them, but as you told, wishes got him to this mess in the first place. Now what will happen of Dr. Martin, will he be able to walk?”

“Children, if a wish can direct a ship from Pacific to a small clinic, if an artist can sew together arteries and veins and muscles and ligaments, then why can’t our body heal, within a blink of an eye? But there is one thing, it all depends on how the Dr. is going to feel. If he decides, that he is not going to walk, then mark my words, he would never in his entire would walk.”

“Oh!!! But why should he think that? and by just thinking, how will the curing process would get stopped, Rafael?”

“I am not saying, not get cured, I’m saying he would not walk, there is a lot of difference. The body we have is just a container, but what is inside the container is what makes it special. Inside our body, there is a soul, the real you and it is the drop of God soul, a piece of God Himself. And do you know the power of God?”

“Rafael, who doesn’t know. He is the creator of all that we see and not see and He did it by the power of the Word.”

“Good, that’s right. If the word should come, there should be a thought, we do not say anything without thinking. So 'thought' is a very important factor in our existence. If we think good, good happens, if we think bad, bad happens and if the Dr. thinks that he would not heal, it happens as such. That is why, I told, it solely depends on what he thinks or in short, within the privacy of the mind.” All smiled.

“Thank you Rafael, that was indeed a piece of advice, which I would try to follow in my life.” All nodded.

“Good, back to the story, they talked, sang and joked all the way back home, knowing not, a big surprised awaited them.”

“We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what the surprise is ?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 9

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