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Waiting with Love....

Chapter - 20

 “The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.”

“What was so special about the gift Rafael?”

“Well, every time when the hermit arrives, he brings something unique, which satisfies her need, that brings the old lady lasting happiness, inner peace and above all contentment.”

“Rafael, what is it, you are really trying our patience.”

“Well, that is what he brought, patience.”

“Rafael, are you joking? How can we bring patience?” Rafael smiled and nodded.

“Yes Ajay, he had brought patience and that too which could be seen and felt.”

“But how is that possible?”

“Patience is one big thing, which is very important in every living being’s life.”

“A mother has to wait, till her baby is out of the womb. A bird has to wait to hatch its chick. A child has to wait to grow, sun takes time to rise and set, the flower takes time to bloom, season has a time to arrive, trees takes time to bear fruits. And we have to wait to see the results and for that what do we need?”


"Some of the activities takes place on a daily basis. When we achieve patience, we gain inner peace, happiness and contentment." All nodded.

" But Rafael, how did the hermit bring a packet of patience? I thought patience is a feeling and not a thing.” Rafael nodded and smiled.

“You're right Monica, its a feeling, but the gift was a multi coloured stone of a specific carving, which is found in the deep jungles near the hermitage.”

“But what is the use of stone?”

“The old lady has been constructing a small temple to keep her God and the hermit has been bringing one stone each from the jungles, every year and this stone was the last brick, which would complete the temple.”

“Wow!!!!! That’s simply superb and very kind of the hermit to help her construct her small temple. But how long did it take to complete the temple?”

“Years and years. Nobody knew about it, except the two, but on this auspicious occasion, the princess, Alfonso and the crew were there to witness the final stone installation. The old lady placed the last stone on the dome of the structure and lo behold, the structure turned into a real temple.”

“Wow!!!! Without using cement? how did it get attached to it, Rafael?”

“there are some bonds, which doesn’t need any cement, but by the power of the mind, it gets attached to others and that is what we call the bond of love, its unseen, but the love of the person, who gifted that stone was covered on the stone. If you have love, nothing extra is needed to bond a relationship or a temple.  But if there is no love, your life is a waste, however you may try, relationship would never merge, in this story, the stones would never bond together. Love is the base of all existence, children. Try to bring out the love within you. Then you will know the difference.”

"Rafael, I feel that you are talking about human beings, isn't it?"

"Yes Mathew, there is always a connection of all things in nature and human soul. Look around this nature, anything you are attracted to, it is showing a direction, for us to move. But you should have patience. Patience to see around, to feel and above all patience to work hard to create the temple."

"Who would be the God in our temple? "

"Our soul, we, the small drop of God soul."

"Are we God, Rafael?"

"No we are not God, we have Godly powers but to get the full extent of our powers we will have to unite with God soul and to get united with God, we will have to communicate and it has only one language."


Yes Rebecca, Love.  Love is the only language, the soul understands, when you are able to bring out the love within you, then you become a temple of immense power because you are communicating with the God soul. Then the rest you know," All nodded. Rafael continued, " You become a power house, where every wish of you and others get fulfilled through you. Try to bring out the love of your soul. So that you all becomes the power houses of the Universe, for that try to develop patience, because it can be achieved brick by brick or stone by stone, just like the old lady created her temple." All nodded smiling.

"You mean to say Rafael, that we can become power houses after years and years of hard work?"

"Yes Mark, we need years of hard work and loads of patience. Our life is a trial and error method. But in the end, you will achieve what you are set for, but if you know what we are here for, then the goal could be achieved easily."

“Oh!!!!!!!!  by the power of love  of both the hermit's as well as the old lady's,  a  temple got built. That’s wonderful, isn't it Rafael? Then it would hold double power isn't it?”

“Yes Mark, the temple gained powers manifolds, and the best power was, all the wishes would be granted then and there.”

“Wow!!!!!!!!!! That’s simply awesome. Did Alfonso know about it?”

“Yes, they were asked to wish for one thing, which would be granted.”

“Did they wish? Alfonso might have asked to reach Isabella,”

“No, he didn’t ask to return?”

“No????????? Then what did he ask?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 21

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